Room Wizard Communication

The RoomWizard unit is the initiator of all communication.

Using HTTP and URL query string parameters the RoomWizard unit makes specific requests (using GET) to the EMS RW-Interface which proved an immediate response in an XML format defined by the RoomWizard API.

RoomWizard API Calls Used

The following requests (defined as part of the RoomWizard API) are honored by the EMS-ROOMWIZARD Interface with a summary of the EMS-ROOMWIZARD Interface response:

  • about_connector
    • Provides the RoomWizard unit with basic information about the EMS-ROOMWIZARD Interface including the interface version and what versions of the RoomWizard API that are supported.
  • get_booking
    • Provides a list of the day’s events to the RoomWizard unit including (depending on configuration settings) Event Name, Group Name, Group Phone, Group Email Address, and setup information.
  • Add_booking
    • Provides a method for information sent from the RoomWizard unit (Host, Purpose, and Times) and used to create EMS Events.
  • edit_booking
    • Provides methods for the RoomWizard unit to initiate the Edit/Cancelation of EMS Bookings.
    • Returns success or failure.