Master Calendar Release Notes
(Version 7.0)

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May 2018

V44.1 Update 24

Release Date: May 1, 2018


January 2018

V44.1 Update 21

Release Date: January 31, 2018


December 2017

V44.1 Update 20

Release Date: December 22, 2017

Patch: 201712132





Image Alt Text

Image Alt Text Missing Prompt from More Info Request

The EventInfoRequest.aspx page was lacking the same compliance tags as other pages. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that the EventInfoRequest.aspx page prompts the user to enter 'Image Alt Tag.'

Internal Reference # 32897



EMS Master Calendar Crashes After Patch Was Applied

The MC_User SQL account had modified permissions which caused an error after patching.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the application does not crash after applying the patch.

Internal Reference # 35732

November 2017

V44.1, Update 19

Release Date: November 30, 2017

Patch: 201712132





Event Time

Event Times Were Not Adjusting Correctly to the TimeZone

Event times on the calendar, prior to daylight savings, were not adjusting correctly to the timezone selected from the dropdown. Users were experiencing this from the calendar view when clicking the event details and selecting the more option.

Fix: Modified functionality so that event time display properly. 

Internal Reference # 24430

March 2017

Release: March 2017     

Build Number:

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Filtering Results By Calendar and Start Date Caused Error

When administrative users added a new connector and chose a calendar, and then in the Retrieval tab, specified a start date with no end date, an error occurred on Save. 

Fix: Modified validations to run the connector successfully in this situation so that error no longer occurs. 

Email Text

Email Text Missing New Lines

When administrative users edited a connector to add new lines in email text, the lines did not display in resulting emails.

Fix: Modified validations to run the connector successfully in this situation so that new lines display as expected. 

January 2017

Release: January 2017     

Patch Number: 2016.12.16.0     

Build Number:




Alt Text Field Missing For Uploaded Images

No Alt text displayed for images associated with events.

Fix: Modified the display so the Event Title now shows as Alt text when uploading images. 


Custom Theme Colors Not Observed For Admin Panel Headings

Changing the font color by selecting a theme did not change the font color for drop-down headers on the Admin panel.

Fix: Modified the display to observe the custom color settings in all areas.

Locations Not Listed Alphabetically on Main Page and Manage Events

Locations were not listed alphabetically in the field for some customers on the main Master Calendar page and on the Manage Events page.

Fix: Modified the display to sort Locations alphabetically.

Event Tooltip Missing Large Icon

When users moused over events on the calendar grid, the tooltip did not show the large icon.

Fix: Modified the display to show the large event icon.

Submit an Event

Events With Multiple Dates Missing Details in API Call

When users entered a new event that had multiple dates, the API call, AddEventWithMultipleDates only returned the event ID, but did not return the event details.

Fix: Modified the API to return event details.

Featured Events

Featured Events Section Empty

When users resized the Master Calendar window and there were no featured events, this empty section continued to display when it should have been hidden.

Fix: Modified the resize display to hide the Featured Events section when there are none.

Event Tags

Event Tags Over 100 Characters Caused SQL Error

When users entered more than 100 characters in the Event Tags field and saved the event, an error occurred.

Fix: Modified validations to truncate long tags so the error no longer occurs. 

Google Maps

Geocode Details Missing

When users provided a Google Maps location URL to retrieve a geocode, details such as latitude, longitude, hours, and phone number were missing because the Google Maps API now requires an additional authentication key.

Fix: Added the authentication key to web.config to ensure that all geocode details are retrieved and displayed for Google Maps URLs: 
<add key="GoogleMapKey" value="AIzaSyALWSXqWl2Kj9KfOxt7TK_QnaovBtzrma8" />..

Social Networking

Special Characters Displayed Incorrectly In AddThis URLs

When users shared events using the AddThis option, special characters caused URLs to display incorrectly.

Fix: Modified URLs to properly handle special characters.


Private Events Incorrectly Shown to Unauthorized Users on Related Events

When users clicked the Related Events link on reservations in the calendar, and the list included private events, they could see them even when they did not have authorization.

Fix: Modified the display to honor event privacy so they do not display to unauthorized users.


Keyword Filters Block RSS Feeds

When users set RSS feeds to search by keyword, nothing was returned.

Fix: Modified RSS feeds to search and return content by keyword.


iCal Feed Displayed Events 2 Hours Later

When users subscribed to an iCal feed and viewed calendars in Outlook, event times displayed as two hours later than on Master Calendar.

Fix: Modified functionality for iCal feeds to calculate for the correct time zone so that event times display start and end times correctly.


Overnight Events Showed as Recurrences in Outlook

Events that extended overnight that were imported into Outlook via iCal displayed as recurrences.

Fix: Modified functionality so that overnight events now display in Outlook as single events.


Events From Connectors Absent When DB Blocked

When Master Calendar could not connect to the EMS database on an SQL server, events from Master Calendar connectors disappeared.

Fix: Modified functionality to no longer purge previously loaded events when errors occur connecting to the database.

December 2016

Release: December 2016

Patch Number: 2016.10.14.0     

Build Number:




Modified the main page calendar (month view) to show the previous months events in the top row even when the first day of the month falls on a Sunday.

Modified links to external calendars to show as plain text rather than HTML.

Added new column on Manage Users screen for admins to view LastLoginDate and fixed issue where it wasn't updating in tblUser.

September 2016

Release: September 2016   

Patch Number: 2015.12.11.0     

Build Number:




Improved data exchange between EMS Desktop Client and EMS Master Calendar so that updates to Building and/or Room names in EMS Desktop Client show in EMS Master Calendar in the Location Filter. 

Added validations to ensure that unauthenticated users cannot view event details.

The featured event RSS feed showed all events instead of just the featured events. Modified functionality so that only featured events show in the Featured Events RSS feed. 

June 2016



Reported Issue

Issue Resolution



Events Calendar > Event Details: Requested (unapproved) events incorrectly displayed to unauthorized users if they entered the event ID or URL. 

Added security to prevent unapproved events from displaying on the Event Details view unless the user has rights to submit requests.

May 2016





Reported Issue

Issue Resolution

System Check : When setting the "Allow access to system check Pages from any Machine" option to no the Master Calendar logo disappeared 

Modified functionality to ensure that the logo appears regardless of user selections. 

April 2016



Reported Issue

Issue Resolution

Login (LDAP). Logging into Master Calendar when configured to use LDAP SSL could result in the error, "User not found."

Changed LDAP SSL login validations to ensure that authorized users successfully authenticate and the error no longer occurs.

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