Upgrading from V39 and Older to V44.1

The best path to upgrade from V39 or older to V44.1 is to first upgrade to V43 with an older patch, as shown below. If you are experiencing issues, please contact Customer Support.

  1. Run the V43 upgrade .exe file (EMS.ServerInstall.exe).

  2. Run the V43 patch from 02/11/2016 or older.

  3. Run the latest V43 patch.

  4. Run the V44.1 upgrade .exe file (EMS.ServerInstall.exe).

  5. Run the latest V44.1 patch.

See Also: Downloads area in Accruent Access. To view the Downloads area, log into Accruent Access and navigate to My Products > EMS Downloads (opens a new tab) > (Release) Releases & Patches.