Release Notes

To determine what to download, check your current installs for all your licensed products and make note of the date and release number on the About screen in your EMS software. Download and install the latest updates from the table below. Any download links for which you are licensed will be available to you once you are logged into Accruent Access.

To ensure your users are benefiting from the newest features, enhancements, and fixes, we recommend that you upgrade to the most current release of your EMS product.

You now need the .NET Framework 4.8 on the application server.

You only need the latest downloads for any component since they are cumulative.

The Downloads area of Accruent Access offers an alternative view of your licensed releases, organized by product. To view the Downloads area, log into Accruent Access and navigate to My Products > EMS Downloads (opens a new tab) > (Release) Releases & Patches.

Note: To expand the release notes for all products, click the Expand All button on the top right. To collapse all the expanded release notes, click the Collapse All button on the top right.

ClosedEMS for Outlook

Build # 44.1.35001.2452

Outlook add-in web deploy # 44.1.35001.2452

Improvements and Issues Fixed



Room Mailboxes

Occasionally, if you used the Exchange Room Integration (ERI) and there was a conflict created due to drag and drop or editing of the date/time field in the native Outlook appointment window, the old room email was not properly removed from the meeting. This issue did not occur if you are editing the appointment using EMS for Outlook. Now the old room's email is removed from the meeting and the new room's email is displayed in the Required field.

EMS-9833, EMS-9834

ClosedEMS Desktop Client

Build # 44.1.35001.479

Web deploy # 44.1.35001.479

Improvements and Issues Fixed




Service order notifications now load on your Dashboard without any errors. You can select and open any notification successfully.


ClosedEMS Platform Services

Build # 44.1.35001.272

Improvements and Issues Fixed



Single Sign On

You are now able to access the system successfully using the Single Sign On (SSO) feature. Previously, the TLS certificates were being parsed incorrectly and you were unable to use SSO.


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