Release Notes 44.1.35

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You now need the .NET Framework 4.8 on the application server.

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Patch #

Master Calendar Patch -

SQL Patch - 44.1.35000.201912110

System Requirements for Update 35

  • EMS Desktop Client now requires a minimum .NET framework version 4.6.2 on application servers and user machines.
  • EMS for Outlook now requires the new EMS for Outlook REST API service to be installed on application servers.

ClosedEMS Desktop Client

Build # 44.1.35000.473

Web Deploy Build # 44.1.35000.473




Reservation Book in Desktop Client

The issue where a reservation book was showing duplicate rooms in the Desktop Client bookings has now been resolved. This previously happened when rooms and resources were both configured with mailboxes.


Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)

Users who had FIPS encryption enabled on their machine were unable to open or use the Desktop Client. The FIPS error with Desktop Client has now been fixed.


Time zone in Manage Services

The Date Changed field in Manage Services previously showed times in UTC time, but now shows the time in your local time zone as expected.


Display available rooms

Now if you select the Show Available Rooms Only check box, only the available rooms are displayed as expected. Previously, selecting the check box did not filter the rooms list based on availability correctly.


Long room and group names

Long room and group names are now displayed correctly in the setup worksheet. Previously, long names would wrap incorrectly and overlap on other text.


Resource inventory across multiple time zones

Previously, if using a VC feature/resource set to maintain inventory, meetings created in time zones other than the one used by the current building would cause resource inventory to be validated incorrectly. The reservation wizard now validates resource inventory as expected across multiple time zones.


Inventory conflicts for resources

Occasionally, inventory validation was offset by UTC time which allowed users to exceed inventory limits without warning. You are now able to add a resource to a reservation only if there is no inventory conflict for that resource. This applies to both current and future dates.


Dashboard time zone

All areas of the Dashboard now display time in your timezone. Previously for some users, timestamps would display in UTC time.


ClosedEMS for Outlook

Build # 44.1.35000.2447

Outlook add-in web deploy # 44.1.35000.2447

Outlook REST API # 44.1.35000.248




Booking Workflow Performance Improvements

Users will experience significantly improved performance when viewing their schedules and when creating and editing bookings. Performance gains will be most impactful in larger deployments and data sets, particularly for users that are physically distant from the application servers.

A new required EMS for Outlook REST API has been introduced which consolidates and reduces the number of API calls. This optimizes integration and serves to improve overall performance. This is a required component for all customers intending to upgrade to EMS for Outlook Update 35.





Updating an occurrence in a booking series

Occasionally, editing the date and time of a single occurrence in a series of bookings would cause Outlook to crash. You can now successfully update a single occurrence from a series of bookings.


Meetings saving and sending unexpectedly

Previously, if you sent an email while EMS for Outlook was open for creating a reservation, it would cause the meeting to be saved unexpectedly. You can now send an Outlook email during reservation creation and then complete creating the reservation successfully.


Known Issue for Update 35



Room Mailboxes

Occasionally, if you use the Exchange Room Integration and there is a conflict created due to drag and drop or editing of the date/time field in the native Outlook appointment window, the old room mailbox is not properly removed from the meeting. This issue does not occur if you are editing the appointment using EMS for Outlook.

EMS-9833, EMS-9834

ClosedEMS for Google Calendar

Build # 44.1.35000.52




Filter and Preferences tabs

Previously, you were unable to scroll on the Filter and Preferences tabs. You can now scroll these tabs as expected.


ClosedEMS Kiosk

Build # 44.1.35000.547




Room filter

Previously, the Floor Map would display rooms as “unavailable” if they did not have the selected features you were filtering for. This issue has been resolved and now only rooms meeting the filter criteria display.

EMS-1394 , EMS-8784




Overnight Indicator

Previously, when you created a reservation with the same start and end time, or a 24-hour reservation the overnight indicator would not display.

An overnight indicator now displays if you create a meeting with the same start and end times.


ClosedEMS Platform Services

Build # 44.1.35000.269




API Documentation

The new documentation generator accomplishes the following:

  • additional context to the scope of the API call

  • better error code messaging descriptions

  • more overviews to assist with building integrations


SAML Management

The SAML configuration page was re-organized to include the following panes:

  • SP Metadata URL
  • Import Metadata
  • Service Provider Information
  • Identity Provider Information

The Import Metadata pane on the SAML Configuration page in EMS Platform Services.

This enhancement gives the EMS Platform UI the ability to import Identity Provider metadata.

The metadata can be imported either from the URL or the file.

EMS-4697, EMS-4723, EMS-4727

NSQ documentation DBMQ messaging has been disabled and we are now fully utilizing NSQ to offer additional logging features. If are not using this feature, learn how to enable it at Enable NSQ Messaging in EMS Platform Services.




Today Only template

You can now use the Today Only template for bookings as expected.


Platform Admin UI (Two way sync)

The two-way sync error due to which you were unable to select a group that wasn't in the top 2000 records has now been fixed.


Reservation cancellation

You can now cancel a multi-room reservation successfully.


Last occurrence of meeting update

You can now update the time for the last occurrence in a meeting series successfully.


Billing references

You can now successfully add multiple billing references to a reservation.


Reservation cancellation

You can now cancel a reservation successfully even if there is no web user on the reservation.


Correct mapping of booking to user

Now when bookings are created they are mapped to the correct users. The user that creates the booking is the listed Customer and email notifications are sent to them. Also, users can only see the right bookings.


Two-Way Sync Configuration

Platform Admin UI no longer shows the Two-Way Sync Configuration pane unless you have a valid Exchange Room Integration license.


Exchange Sync Utility

The Exchange Sync Utility now works as expected.


Check in to bookings

You are now unable to check in to bookings owned by another web user.


Floor sequence

The sequence set on the floor for the room is now returned as expected.


Building sequence

The sequence value for buildings is now returned as expected.


Default Contact

The default value for the Default Contact is now saved as '(none)' if no default contact is entered in the field while saving the reservation.


Contact Information on reservation

Now any updates you make to the contact information in your reservation are stored and can be viewed the next time you access the reservation.


ClosedEMS Room Sign App

Build # 44.1.35000.19


Area Description
Room check-in

Previously, if you did not check in to the room associated with the reservation, the entire meeting was cancelled in EMS and Exchange. Now if none of the meeting attendees use the room, the booking will be canceled in EMS based on your configuration. Also, the room mailbox will be removed to accurately reflect room utilization for rooms that have Exchange Room Integration enabled. The meeting in Exchange will remain in the Confirmed status, unless specifically cancelled by the meeting owner.

Note: If you have a multi-room booking only rooms not checked in to will be removed, rooms checked in to will remain on the meeting.


ClosedEMS Web App

Build # 44.1.35000.2105




Reservation URL

A new enhancement now enables you to open a hyperlink associated with the reservation from WebApp.

If you have entered a URL in the URL field of the reservation in Desktop Client and the user in the Reservation Details tab of the My Events page in the Web App, the reservation name should appear as a hyperlink and open a new tab to the URL on clicking.

If you haven't entered a URL in the Desktop Client, the reservation name appears in grey and is not clickable.


Current and past reservations

Reservations now display on the My Events page under the CURRENT and PAST tabs correctly. A reservation displays under the PAST tab only after the end date/time of the last booking. A reservation displays under the CURRENT tab if the last booking is in the future or in progress.


Edit Setup Type and Setup Count

Previously, if the room on a reservation was changed to a room not on the template or the reservation status was changed, you could still edit the setup type and count on the reservation instead of the reservation being locked. This issue has now been resolved.


Area Description

You can now attach documents to a Web App reservation successfully.


Manage Services

You are now able to remove services available to everyday users.


Billing Reference search

Previously, if a group had the Billing Reference ID required and validated, you were unable to use the Billing Reference/Project ID search after a room was selected. This issue has now been resolved.


Temporary contact information

Previously, the smart keyboard did not appear when you tapped on the temporary contact name field on the mobile web site. This issue has now been resolved and you can use the smart keyboard to fill out temporary contact information.


Booking details

If the room in a booking has been changed to a room that is not a part of an everyday user process template, you can no longer update booking details related to the room in EMS Web App. The booking details related to the room include setup type and setup count.


Event type

Previously, the event type that you choose while creating a booking using a Service Order Only everyday process template was not retained. Now the event type is retained unless you specifically change it.


Time selector on mobile app

You can now use the EMS Web App's time selector on a mobile device as expected.


Favorite Rooms

Now if you have Favorite Rooms in your booking template and select the Favorite Room check box under Room Search Results, your favorite rooms are displayed as expected.


Selected Rooms

Previously, if you selected the Favorites check box on the Room & Attendees tab in a reservation and also checked the Favorite Rooms check box on the Room Search Results, you would get an error. This issue is now resolved and now the favorite rooms display as expected in this situation.


Booking Rules

The date picker now allows you to select days less than or equal to the Max Booking Days value, while honoring the exclude parameters - dates and building closures. You will also be warned about a conflict if any. Previously, this was not working as expected.


End time update in recurring reservations

Now if you update the end time by clicking the clock icon on End Time in a recurring reservation, the end time gets updated without changing the number of occurrences in the reservation.


Web App in Japanese and Polish

Occasionally, some dates would be incorrect on recurring meetings when using Japanese or Polish language packs. This only occurred for monthly reservations that started in the last week of the month making the first recurrence display on a Sunday. This issue has now been resolved and all monthly reservations that start in the last week of the month show correct dates.


Add service/category

Previously, you were incorrectly able to add a service/category that was not visible to everyday users while editing the reservation using Manage Services. You can no longer perform this task.


Floor Plans available on Edit Booking page

Previously, the ability to use floor plans was only available during the creation of bookings. Floor plans are now displayed on the Edit Booking page as well.


Dependent UDFs

Previously, data entered into dependent UDFs was not being saved when the room was not selected before the data was entered. This issue has been resolved and data entered into dependent UDFs is now saved with the reservation and attached to the associated reservation detail. UDFs display on Desktop Client, Web App Reservation Summary page Additional Details tab and other end points as expected.


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