EMS for Outlook
Release Notes
V44.1, Update 1

Name: V44.1, Update 1

Release Date: July 20, 2016

Patch #: 2016.07.20.1

Area Issue

New Booking









Automated Confirmation Emails Not Sent

When users booked events in EMS for Outlook (2007) using templates that should automatically send confirmation emails to the event owner, no emails were being sent. 

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that confirmation emails are successfully generated and sent to the event owner when a booking template requires it.

Booking Conflicts Shows All Rooms 

When users worked to resolve booking conflicts, the alternative rooms that displayed included all rooms available to the user when only rooms within the same building should have displayed. 

Fix: Modified functionality to filter the list of available rooms ensure that when booking conflicts arise, the user only has to choose from alternative rooms in the same building.

Cancellations Not Synched Between EMS Web App and EMS for Outlook

Meetings that were created in EMS Web App and canceled in EMS for Outlook showed as still scheduled on EMS Web App.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that cancellations made in EMS for Outlook are properly synched in EMS Web App.

Inactive Booking Templates Available on EMS for Outlook

Everyday User Templates that were set to "Inactive" remained available for users on EMS for Outlook.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that inactive templates do not display as available.

Personalized Location Settings Not Observed on EMS for Outlook

User preferences set under the "My Account" menu on the EMS Web App for default location were not synched in EMS for Outlook.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that personalization settings for default location are synched between both programs. 

Recurring Meeting Start and End Times Displayed Incorrectly on View Reservation

When making a new recurring booking and changing the date and time, the start and end times and dates on the View Reservation screen and in the Subject area of the Send Update dialogue in Outlook were incorrect due to a miscalculation due to timezone differences. 

Fix: Changed calculations to ensure that correct dates and start and end times display in these views. 

Services Available in Buildings That Did Not Allow Them 

When the user selected a room and then the Add Services button, services were listed as available for the room that were disallowed by the building. 

Fix: Modified functionality to present the message "No services are available" when disallowed by the building category. 

Slow Performance

Launching EMS for Outlook and searching for space had slow performance between 2.5 and 5 minutes.

Fix: Updated Exchange Integration and the EMS desktop client to reduce loading time for both issues, and added the status indicator, "Searching for Rooms..." to appear when searching for rooms. 

URL in Installation Wizard Too Short  

The URL field was too short for some users.

Fix: Changed the URL field to allow up to 200 characters. 

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