EMS Web App Release Notes
V44.1, Update 1

Name: V44.1, Update 1

Release Date: July 20, 2016

Patch #: 2016.07.20.1



Booking Templates and User Personalization Issues

New Reservation


Add to Calendar Checkbox Settings Not Enforced for Booking Templates 

When using a booking template that had Enable "Add to Calendar" Checkbox by Default activated, the setting was not enforced and the checkbox was missing on the Reservation Details page.

Modified the parameter to ensure that settings are enforced and the checkbox appears when activated on the Reservation Details page.


Areas Listed as Buildings for Service Only Request Booking Template

When using the Service Only Request template during a new reservation, selecting an Area as a building caused a crash.

Fix: Changed the template so that only buildings are listed.

Default Location Setting Not Displayed for Booking Templates

When using a booking template that had a default location specified, the Location, Time, Timezone, and Event Name did not display properly on the Create A Reservation page.

Fix: Modified the parameter to ensure that settings are enforced and the correct location and event information displays on the Create A Reservation page. 

Default Time Zone Setting Not Observed for New Bookings

When users had a default timezone specified in their Everyday User profile, that setting was not observed during the booking workflow and the Create a booking in this time zone field on the new booking screen was instead using the system time zone.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that this setting is observed and time zone defaults display on the Create A Reservation page. 

Room Setup Types Not Restricted to Room

When editing a room setup type during a booking, the dropdown seemed to randomly select a setup, and the list included setup types that were not attributed to the room.

Fix: Modified functionality to only list setup types associated with the room.

Add Services

Adding Services from Reservation Summary Causes Error

Clicking the Add Services option from the Reservation Summary could cause the error,

"System.ArgumentException: Column 'BillingReference' does not belong to table ReservationDetails."

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that the error no longer occurs. 

Manage Services

POs on Room Requests Not Saving

When including a PO on a room request, the PO information was not saving correctly and was missing from the Reservation Summary. 

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that PO information is correctly saved with room requests. 

Edit Reservation

Rescheduling Booking Causes Wrong Start and End Times to Display

When using this option to choose a new booking time, the Start/End time in the Reservation Summary grid view was incorrect because the wrong time zone was used to calculate the new time.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that new Start/End times are correctly recalculated to display on the Reservation Summary. 

General User Interface Issues

Edit Icon Sometimes Missing

The Edit icon was occasionally missing on Booking Details and Reservation Details screens even though the user had proper rights to edit.

Fix: Modified the display to ensure consistent availability of the icon for:

  • Booking Details
  • My Home > My Bookings
  • My Events > My Bookings

Room Name Cut Off in Search Results

When searching for rooms, long room names appeared to be cut off in the Room Search Results list.

Fix: Modified the display to show the complete room name.

Room Notes Displaying Incorrectly

Text in the Notes field was incorrectly displaying HTML code instead of normal text format when users copied and pasted the text from other applications.

Fix: Modified the Notes field to display text normally. 

Search for Location Field Not Clearing

When searching for location by feature, once a search was completed, the search field was not clearing and the search term remained.

Fix: Modified the display to clear the field after search action completes.

Sign Out Option Incorrectly Available With Integrated Windows Authentication

When using Integrated Windows Authentication, the Sign Out option remained incorrectly available. 

Fix: Removed the option when Integrated Windows Authentication is active.

Unclear Browser Warning

When using Internet Explorer Version 11, a popup warning indicating that this browser version was unclear.

"We've noticed that you're using an older web browser. For the best experience, upgrade to the latest version of one of the browsers (see system requirements page)." 

Modified the error message to add further guidance:

"We've noticed that you're using an older web browser. For the best experience, upgrade to the latest version of one of the browsers (see system requirements page)." 


If you are using Internet Explorer, please also make sure that Compatibility View is disabled."

Room Request

Existing Bookings Not Shown on Calendar During New Reservation

When creating a new reservation and adding a meeting room using the Let Me Search For A Room option on the Room request screen, existing reservations did not show on the calendar.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that existing reservations show on the calendar so users do not attempt to request reserved rooms. 

Room Search Missing "No Rooms Available" Message

When creating a new reservation and adding a meeting room using the Let Me Search For A Room option on the Room request screen, when there were no rooms available, the list view did not provide any messaging indicating as such.

Fix: Added a message that will appear on the search results tab to indicate when no rooms are available. 

View Cart

Start and End Times for New Reservations Incorrect in Cart 

The start and end times for new reservations was incorrect in the Shopping Cart view.

Fix: Modified calculations so that the start and end times in the cart match the reservation start and end times. 

Browse Events

Browse Events Lists Areas Under Locations

Searching by Location returned a list that incorrectly included both Locations and Areas. 

Fix: Modified the display to list only Locations for Select Location, and Areas for Select Area.

Browse Events Lists Different Events Depending on Time Zone

The events listed on the Browse Events screen was different depending on time zone, when it should have been the same. 

Fix: Modified the display to list the same events regardless of time zone. 

Browse Events Lists Duplicate Events

The events listed on the Browse Events screen were sometimes duplicated in the daily view. 

Fix: Modified the display for the daily view to prevent duplicate listings.

Current Date Incorrect on My Events and Browse Events

When showing bookings for today's date, these views incorrectly showed today's date as the following day. While the items listed were for today, the date was incorrect.

Fix: Modified the displays to list today's date correctly.

Browse Locations

Enter Key Disabled on Filter by Room Field for Browse Locations

When searching for a room and using the Room field in the Filters area, the Enter key was disabled.

Fix: Modified the field so that when users enter a room name, they can press the Enter key to initiate the search filter.  

Find a Room Feature Needed in Browse Locations

When searching for a room returns too many results, the user needed the ability to Find a Room from this screen.

Fix: Added Find a Room functionality to the Browse Locations views to streamline the room search process. 

EMS for Outlook Issues


Adding Rooms to Recurring Meetings in Outlook Cancels Meeting

When editing a recurring meeting by clicking the Add Location button on the Manage Bookings screen, selecting an available room, and then clicking the Notify Attendees button, attendees received a notification email that the meeting was canceled and it showed as canceled in the Outlook® calendar. 

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that the meeting is no longer canceled when users add a room to a recurring meeting with Exchange integration and email attendees .

Attendee Availability Displays Incorrectly During Booking EMS for Outlook

When creating a new reservation and adding attendees, their free/busy/tentative status did not display correctly when the user clicked the forward/back buttons to advance to future or previous days in the calendar. 

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that attendee availability displays correctly.

Recurring Meetings in EMS for Outlook Allow Bookings in Conflict

When editing a recurring meeting that was in conflict status, the room incorrectly appeared to be available in the Outlook® calendar, however, when the user attempted to change the room (clicking the Add Location button on the Manage Bookings screen), the following error occurred and the conflict could not be resolved. 

"Booking failed to update. Another user might have changed this booking or taken its location."

Fix: Changed validations so that the room in conflict did not appear as available in Outlook®, and ensure that users can change the room to correct the conflict.

Recurring Meetings Not Listed Properly in EMS for Outlook

Only the first occurrence of a recurring meeting was listed in EMS for Outlook.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure all occurrences of a recurrent meeting are listed properly in EMS for Outlook.

Room Change Notification Emails Missing User's Message

When changing a reservation, the text users manually entered in the Message field on the Notify Attendees screen was omitted from the emails sent to attendees. 

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that text users enter in the Message field appears in the notification email. 

Mobile Web App Issues

Mobile Web App Allows Multiple Rooms to Be Added to Recurring Meetings in EMS for Outlook

The Mobile Web App allowed users to edit multi-room bookings on the same date and time and apply more than one room to a booking, including changing multiple rooms.

Fix: Changed functionality to prevent users from applying more than one room to a booking or changing multiple rooms at once for one occurrence.

Room Info Missing From My Bookings on Mobile Web App 

The room information, check in, cancel, and end now buttons were not displaying in the My Bookings view for mobile Web App users.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that room information and check in, cancel, and end now buttons display in the My Bookings view. 

Video Conference Issues

Video Conferences Not Visually Grouped

Video conference bookings were not visually grouped so that Host bookings and child bookings were obvious. 

Fix: Modified functionality to group and visually separate these parent-child bookings.

Video Conference Host Reservation Incorrectly Cancellable

When editing a video conference (VC) reservation, the Cancel Bookings button was incorrectly available for the host room.

Fix: Modified functionality to make the Cancel Bookings option unavailable for VC reservations designated as "Host."

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