EMS Floor Plans
Release Notes
V44.1, Update 10 

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V44.1 Update 10

Release Date: 
April 07, 2017

Floorplan Build #:

Room Diagramming Build #:

Database (SQL) Patch: 201703280

Exchange Integration Build #:  44.1.10000.85


Area Description

Session ID

Update Session ID

Enhanced the security by updating the session ID after a user searches for a group. Admins should ensure that this line is included in the web.config file: <httpcookies httponlycookies="true" requiressl="true" />

Internal Reference # 26119
(For EMS Internal Use Only)





Indicators Shift Slightly When Saved

When users placed floormap indicators and then saved, the indicators shifted in position slightly.  

Fix: Modified functionality so indicators do not move when saved.

Internal Reference # 26322
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

Incorrect Prompt For Floor When Already Specified

When users selected a floor and then on the floormap image, placed floormap indicators and then saved, they were prompted to specify a floor.  

Fix: Modified functionality so users's floor selections are saved and they are no longer prompted to select a floor a second time..

Internal Reference # 26323
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

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