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V44.1 Update 10

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Name: V44.1 Update 10

Release Date: April 07, 2017

Build #:

Database (SQL) Patch:    201703280

Exchange Integration Build #:  44.1.10000.85




Floor Maps

Display Floor Maps Without Requiring Scrolling

Modified the display so that users do not have to move floormap images to see them in entirety.





Floor Maps

Floor Map Indicators Misaligned

Indicators on floor maps were slightly up and to the right, which made them difficult to see on large floor maps.  

Fix: Modified the display so floor map indicators center on their location on floor map images. 


This fix addressed the problem where floorplans on EMS Web App and EMS Kiosk displayed differently from each other. However, customers who have used the Floorplan Configuration Tool for EMS V44.1 to change the positions of indicators or to add new indicators may have to adjust those indicators as they may now be offset. Customers upgrading from V43 or V44, or those who did not make any indicator changes, should not have to make any adjustments.


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