EMS Desktop Client Release Notes V44.1, Update 11

This section describes updates to your EMS software.  

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Name: V44.1 Update 11

Release Date: May 12, 2017

Patch:  201705091

Build #:  44.1.11000.313


Area Description

Service Orders

Service Order Notifications Incorrectly Triggered For New Orders

When users created a reservation and added new service orders, email notifications were incorrectly generated although they were set to trigger only for changed or deleted orders. 

Fix: Modified validations so that email notifications do not fire for new service orders unless rules are configured to do so.

Reservation Wizard

Host Locations Unavailable When Adding a Specific Room for Video Conferences

When users selected a specific room to add to a video conference reservation in the Reservation Wizard, no Host Locations were available for selection although this was a required field. 

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that host locations for the booking are listed and available in the Host Location field in this scenario.

Edit Reservation

Confirmation Times Out of Sync When "Display Audit Times in This Time Zone" Selected

When users sent a reservation confirmation and set audit times to display in a specific time zone, the time sent shown on the Email tab did not match the actual time when the email was sent.

Fix: Modified functionality to properly adjust for audit time zones so that the time sent matches the actual time.

User Activity

Users With Matching Booking Templates Showed as Duplicates In Active Users Log

When user name matched the name of an assigned booking template, this caused duplicate listing in the active user log (under System Administration > Tools > Active Users).

Fix: Modified functionality so only the user name is listed in the Active Users log.

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