EMS Mobile App Release Notes
V44.1 Update 11

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V44.1 Update 11

Release Date: 
May 12, 2017

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About Page

API Revision Number Missing on About Page

The API revision number was not displayed with the version number on the About Page.

Fix: Modified the page to add the API revision number.

Internal Reference # 29299
(EMS Internal Use Only)


Entering a Blank Server URL Over SSO Caused Crash

When users changed the Server URL to an empty value using Single Sign On authentication, EMS Mobile App crashed.

Fix: Modified validations so the app no longer crashes and instead presents the error message, "Unable to import configuration".

Internal Reference # 29733
(EMS Internal Use Only)

Child User-Defined Fields Disappear

When users edited values in User Defined Fields (UDFs) that had child fields, saved changes, and then opened the reservation to edit again, the child UDFs did not display.

Fix: Modified functionality so that child UDFs display in edit mode.

Internal Reference # 29480
(EMS Internal Use Only)

User Authentication Issues Due To Custom config.json File

For customers who used a custom config.json file, users had to click the About > EMS Server URL to authenticate.

Fix: Modified functionality so that custom config.json files no longer cause the issue and users authenticate in one step.

Internal Reference # 29692
(EMS Internal Use Only)

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