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V44.1 Update 11

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Name: V44.1 Update 11

Release Date: May 09, 2017

Patch:  201705091

Build #:   44.1.11000.497

Exchange Integration Service: 44.1.11000.92





"You cannot use EMS for Outlook" Error Displayed to New Exchange Users 

When new Microsoft® Exchange users created a meeting and clicked Book a Space, the error message "You cannot use EMS for Outlook. You are not an assigned Delegate..." displayed . 

Fix: Modified validations so that valid new Exchange users no longer see the error message and can access EMS for Outlook as expected.


"Show My Favorite Rooms" Filter Not Observed After Reset

When users clicked the "Show My Favorite Rooms" checkbox, then clicked Apply, and then clicked Reset, favorite rooms were not included in the room search results. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that the "Show My Favorite Rooms" filter is enforced after Reset and favorite rooms show in the search results.


Custom Logo Not Displayed in Outlook Ribbon

When users loaded a custom logo image to display on the Outlook toolbar, the image did not display.  

Fix: Modified functionality so that a custom logo displays on the Outlook toolbar when loaded in the Outlook installation directory.

Edit Booking

Editing Room Incorrectly Reverted Status to Request From Confirmed

When users edited the room for a reservation that was in "Request" (pending approval) status to a room that was "Confirmed," the status incorrectly reverted to "Request" when the changes were saved.  

Fix: Modified functionality so that the Confirmed status is preserved when appropriate for the newly selected room.

Validations Incorrectly Triggered by Sending Email

When users composed an email while editing a meeting and clicked Send, their edits to the meeting were validated as if they were saving and ending the meeting edit session. 

Fix: Modified validations so that completing an email does not trigger validations for a meeting when edits are in progress.

Changing Name Format in Outlook Address Book Caused "You are not the organizer" Error

When users changed the name format in their address book and opened one of their existing meetings, the message "You are not the organizer" incorrectly displayed and they could not access EMS for Outlook.

Fix: Modified validations so that changes to the name format do not prevent meeting organizers from opening meetings or accessing EMS for Outlook, and the error no longer occurs.

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