EMS Kiosk Release Notes
V44.1, Update 12

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Name: V44.1 Update 12

Release Date: June 30, 2017

Patch: 2017.06.29.0

Build #:  44.1.12000.320




Floor Plan

Floor Plan Indicator Size Varies When Viewed in Internet Explorer

When locating space and making a reservation via the map view, the indicators intermittently varied in size when viewed in Internet Explorer.

Fix: Modified functionality so that all indicators are consistently the same size. 

Internal Reference # 30375

When Searching for Availability Using the Map View, All Plans Were Displaying Regardless of Filter Criteria

When making a reservation, the filter criteria did not apply to the map view. All floor plans and rooms were displayed regardless of the filter applied. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that search criteria are met in the map view, as they are on the List view.  

Internal Reference # 30427

Floor Plan Title Was Not Appearing

After locating a space and clicking on the diagram, no title for the diagram appears. In addition, there is no highlighting of the selected floor plan, so it was difficult to determine which floor plan was being selected. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that title appears and there is an indication of which floor plan is being selected. 

Internal Reference # 30428

Active Item in Floorplan Carousel Scrolled Out of View

When users clicked on an active item in the floorplan carousel, it was scrolling forward one image. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that the active floorplan remained in view in carousel. 

Internal Reference # 30654

Create a Reservation

Floorplan Did Not Get Reset After Opening and Closing the Indicator Tooltip

When users clicked on an indicator toward the top of the floorplan on the "My Reservation" flow, the image scrolled down to display the indicator. Closing the indicator did not reset the image, resulting in a portion of the map being cut off.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the image is reset after an indicator is closed.

Internal Reference # 30945

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