EMS Desktop Client Release Notes
V44.1, Update 12

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

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Name: V44.1 Update 12

Release Date: June 30, 2017

Patch: 2017.06.29.0

Build #:  44.1.12000.344




Room Configuration Wizard

Users Can Utilize the Room Configuration Wizard to Change the Size of Rooms

Users will now be able to change the size of rooms from the Room Configuration Wizard. 

Notification Rules

Notification Rules Date Formats Can Be Specified in International Formats

Notification rules now use the parameter specification for Notifications/Automated Reports date format. 

Internal Reference # 16999





Setup Worksheet

On Setup Worksheet, UDFs Overlapped with Text

Users with reservations that had UDFs associated with categories were experiencing overlapping of UDFs over the category text when generating the setup worksheet.

Fix: Modified functionality so that UDFs do not overlap with categories. 


Adding Rooms to a Recurring Video Conference Reservation Resulted in Error

Users trying to add a new booking and room to a recurring video conference resulted in an index error message.

 Fix: Modified functionality so that no error appears and users can continue adding a booking to their reservation. 

Outlook Bookings

Modifying/Canceling a Booking in an Outlook Reservation

Reservations created in Outlook modified in the EMS Desktop Client could result in the cancellation of the entire reservation in Outlook.

Fix: Modified functionality so that cancellations were not being generated in Outlook for reservations modified in the EMS Desktop Client. 

API Authentication

No Password Was Necessary to Utilize API Authentication

A security risk existed for customers using LDAP or Windows authentication. Users were not being prompted for a password when utilizing the EMS API. 

 Fix: Modified functionality so that a password was necessary to use the EMS API. 

Internal Reference # 30093

.MSI File

Error Received When Downloading .MSI File from Product Support Website

Users downloading .msi files were receiving an error message that stated, "digital signature is corrupted in the package."

 Fix: Modified functionality so that users can successfully download .msi files.

Internal Reference # 15444


Check In Notification Links Included Wrong Web App URL

When multiple databases were configured in the Check In Notification Service and users generated check-in notification emails, the  system included the Web App URL from the last database that had been configured in the system. 

 Fix: Modified functionality so that the correct Web App URL is included.

Internal Reference # 25875


Get Bookings Function in API Was Not Returning In-Progress Events

When utilizing API to get bookings with a start and end time, the search results were not including events that had already started within that time period being searched. The search returned events with a reservation start time between midnight of the start time of the search and the end time of the search.

Fix: Modified functionality so that Get Bookings returned in progress events, as well as events with start time between midnight of the start time of the query and the end time of the query.

Internal Reference # 30399


Error Received When Adding Booking to a Reservation Created in Outlook

User adding a booking to a reservation created in Outlook received an error message in Desktop Client. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that the user does not received an error message and the required room is successfully added to the reservation. 

Internal Reference # 26793


Error Received When Canceling a PAM-enabled Meeting from the Book

Users attempting to cancel a PAM-enabled meeting from the Book received an error message, however, the status change is successful. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that users will not receive an error message when canceling a PAM-enabled meeting from the Book. 

Internal Reference # 27892


User Received an Error Message When Downloading an MSI File from Product Support Site

When users downloaded the MSI file from the EMS Product Support website, users were receiving an error. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can successfully download the MSI file. 

Internal Reference # 15444


Issue Regarding API_EMS_GetWebUserBookings

There was a CPU spike caused by the SP API_EMS_GetWebUserBookings. Users advised to add No Lock or Read Uncommitted. 

Fix: Modified functionality to eliminate the CPU spike. 

Internal Reference # 30175

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