Upgrade Requirements V44.1

Before upgrading, please read the important upgrade considerations below.

EMS Desktop Client

Versions 11 and later of the Web Deploy Desktop Client will be required to upgrade to Update 14. This is due to a failure of the Web deploy to automatically update.


Do not try to manually update the Web Deploy using the AutoUpdate.exe. You will receive an error, "EMS is having trouble connecting," and the Desktop Client will stop working completely. 

EMS Room Sign App (formerly Glance) 

As of Update 12, significant changes were made to the former EMS Glance product. The Update renames Glance to the EMS Room Sign App and also greatly updates the visual design. You may have to manually refresh the Room Sign App page on each tablet following your upgrade. To refresh the page on an iPad, you should close the browser and  re-open it using the homelink. We are working to ensure you will not have to do so in the future.

EMS Mobile App 

EMS Mobile App Update 12 is compatible with Platform Services Update 12, as well as previous versions. Platform Services Update 12 is NOT compatible with previous versions of EMS Mobile App. Customers upgrading to Platform Services Update 12 must upgrade to EMS Mobile App Update 12.