EMS Room Sign App Release Notes
V44.1, Update 15

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Name: V44.1 Update 15

Release Date: August 31, 2017

Patch: 44.1.15000.201708291

Build #:






New Room Sign Label Parameters

To ensure that the Room Sign App can be deployed globally, we have added several label parameters. Now all text on the Room Sign App can be customized by location. The new label parameters are:

  • End “Yes” button—appears on the end meeting modal

  • “Cancel” button—appears on all modals

  • “OK” button—appears on all alert modals

  • “Close” button—appears on booking details modal

  • “Verify” button—appears on the pin modal

  • “Apply” button—appears on the settings dialog

Internal Reference # 31142
(For EMS Internal Use Only)




Error Messages


Upgrading the Room Sign App Resulted in Error Messages on the Screen Until the Browser Was Restarted

In Update 7 we addressed a security vulnerability in Room Sign. Upgrading to any release after Update 7 caused end users to see an error message on the tablet. The browser on each tablet would have to be restarted to eliminate the error.

Fix: After upgrading to Update 15, end users will no longer see the error message.


This fix is possible because Update 15 initially turns off the any anti-forgery validation.

Internal Reference # 31127
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

Kiosk Mode


Media Volume on Android Tablets

When the Room Sign App is run on Android tablets, EMS recommends using Kioware Lite to place the tablet in kiosk mode. The media volume was often being set very high, which resulted in end users seeing system messages on the screen.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the media volume is set to 55% when the Room Sign App is run on an Android tablet with Kioware Lite.

Internal Reference # 30315
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

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