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V44.1, Update 18

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Name: V44.1, Update 18

Release Date: October 31, 2017

Patch: 44.1.18000.201710252

Build #:  44.1.18000.1602
(EMS for Outlook Legacy): 44.1.14004.564)





Uninstalling Previous Versions No Longer Required

The EMS for Outlook installer will now check for pre-requisites and allow customers to upgrade from previous versions of V43, v44 and V44.1 EMS for Outlook.  Uninstalling the add-in is no longer required prior to the upgrade.




EMS for Outlook (Legacy)

Adding Services

EMS for Outlook (Legacy) Users Were Unable to Add Two or More Services to Multiple Bookings in a Recurring Series

Users were unable to add two or more services to multiple bookings in a recurring series. When adding second service, the "Apply To Additional Bookings" modal was empty and no bookings were shown. (EMS for Outlook Legacy)

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can add two or more services to multiple bookings of recurring series.


EMS for Outlook Authorization Issue

Some users received authentication errors if 'field used to authenticate everyday user' parameter was set to NetworkID or ExternalReference.  EMS for Outlook will now ignore this parameter and authenticate based on the email address of the Outlook profile in use along with a token.”

Fix: Modified functionality to resolve the authorization issue.

Exchange Integration Service

Booking Canceled in Attendees' Outlook Calendars When Services Were Canceled

When a reservation was created in a room tied to an Outlook mailbox and invitations were sent to attendees' Outlook calendars, editing the reservation and canceling services generated cancellations for all attendees but not the owner of the reservation.

Fix: Modified functionality so that only the Resource and Resource Mailbox are removed from the booking.

EMS Internal Reference # 32595

Removing Resource Mailbox When Editing Reservation Also Removed Other Attendees from Each Date in Series

For a recurring reservation that included a non-ERI room and Exchange attendees, removing the resource from all dates resulted in each date turning into an exception. This resulted in all attendees being removed from each date, but remaining on the series. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that only the Resource Mailbox is removed from the series, along with any exceptions. "Normal" attendees are not removed. 

EMS Internal Reference # 31178

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