Release Notes for EMS Platform Services, V44.1 Update 18

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V44.1, Update 18

Release Date: 
October 31, 2017


Build #:  




Room Search

Availability Result Sort

Availability results now return a list of rooms ordered by availability, room name, type, floors, and capacity. Rooms that are not available will not appear on first page results.

Availability Result Sorted by "Days Available" in Descending Order

"Available" rooms will be sorted first followed by "unavailable" rooms. When creating a recurring meeting, users will see unavailable rooms in an order where the room available for most days is displayed on the top of the unavailable results.

Availability Result Sorted by "Days Available" in Descending Order

Customers can search rooms by actual room types and multiple room types and not by classification type. 

POST/rooms/action/search to Return Capacity for Default Setup Type

Administrators can compare the attendance for VC bookings with the room's capacity. This will allow admins to move the meeting to another space that matches the meeting host's requirement. This feature will optimize space utilization. 

Internal Reference # 32861
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

Duplicated Results Removed if a Room Was Available on More Than One Template

Room availability search now allows for removing duplicated results if a room is available on more than one template. This more defined filtering feature enhances the efficiency on the result set size returned.

 Internal Reference # 33308
(For EMS Internal Use Only)


VIP Flag Has Been Added to Reservation Summary Model

/bookings/actions/search now returns 'vip' field as part of reservation. 

 Internal Reference # 33500
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

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