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V44.1 Update 18

This section describes updates to your EMS software.  

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Name: V44.1, Update 18

Release Date: October 31, 2017

Patch: 44.1.18000.201710252

Build #:  44.1.18000.869




Reference Values

Typeahead Efficiency Improved During Billing Reference/PO Search

Improved the efficiency of typeahead so that the billing reference lookup does not stress client databases.





Browse for Locations

Bookings Spanning Past Midnight Displayed Incorrectly

Events that extended past midnight were displaying when browsing locations; however, only the top half of the event title was visible on the before midnight day and the reserve time displayed above the title. When attempting to view the next day, the end of the event was displaying correctly.

Fix: Modified functionality so that bookings spanning past midnight display correctly.


Manage Services

Services Viewed in Manage Services Were Viewed Alphabetically

Users viewing services in Manage Services were seeing the services displayed alphabetically instead of in web sequence. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that services can be viewed via web sequence. 

Internal Reference # 28250


Check In Notification

Canceling the Check in Notification Was Not Canceling the Booking in Outlook

Users clicking Cancel in the notification email were experiencing bookings that were removed/canceled from EMS Desktop Client but not removed from Outlook. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that bookings canceled in the notification email were reflected in Outlook.


Edit Booking

Incorrect Setup Types Displayed When Editing Booking

Users editing bookings were seeing incorrect setup types that had not been configured for that room.  

Fix: Modified functionality so that only setup types available for that location are displayed.


View Services

Overbooked Resources Were Displaying as Available

After creating a reservation, users attempting to add services via the View Services link were seeing available services that were actually overbooked. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that unavailable resources were displaying as unavailable. 


Create Custom Link

Custom Link Events Appearing in Order by Location

Events created using the Create Custom Link were not listed in chronological order by the time of the event, but by order of their room location.

Fix: Modified functionality so that events are listed in chronological order by the time of the event.


Unauthenticated Templates

Alerts Were Not Appearing in the Unauthenticated Template

Alerts for rooms were not appearing the unauthenticated template. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that alerts appeared for both unauthenticated templates, as well as authenticated templates. 


Create a Reservation

Users Received an Internal Server Error When Selecting Multiple UDFs

Users attempting to select multiple user-defined fields when creating a reservation were receiving an internal server error and the Web App remained on the Reservation Details page. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that users creating a reservation will be able to navigate to the Reservation Created page. 


Browser Issues

Hamburger Icon Was Not Extended

Users with a long list of links that created a scroll bar in Internet Explorer were not seeing the hamburger icon extended. When hamburger menu was collapsed, the left column and scroll bar displayed in the window. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that the hamburger icon is expanded.


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