EMS Desktop Client Release Notes
V44.1 Update 2

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

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Name: V44.1 Update 2

Release Date: August 8, 2016

Patch #:  2016.08.08.0

Build #: 44.1.235





Updates to the Database Table

New Tables 

  • tblDynamicFilters
  • tblMobileSecurity

Changes to Tables 

  • TblNotificationRule – Added [VisitorCheckIn] [bit] field at end of table
  • TblRegistry – Increased length of [Area] nvarchar(30) to nvarchar(50)
  • TblServerVersion – Added the following 3 fields:
  • [ServerMinorVersion] [int] NOT NULL CONSTRAINT [DF_tblServerVersion_ServerMinorVersion] DEFAULT ((1)),
  • [ServerMajorVersion] [int] NOT NULL CONSTRAINT [DF_tblServerVersion_ServerMajorVersion] DEFAULT ((44)),
  • [DatabaseScriptVersion] [nvarchar] (max) NULL
  • TblWebMenu – Added new field, [IconClass] [nvarchar] (50)
  • TblWebTemplate – Added the following field:
  • [WebApp] [bit] NOT NULL CONSTRAINT [DF_tblWebTemplate_WebApp] DEFAULT ((1))
  • ems_vwBookings – removed WITH SCHEMABINDING




EMS Desktop Client > Login

Login Possible Via LDAP-SSL Without a Password

When logging into the EMS Desktop Client using LDAP-SSL, users were able to login without a password.

Fix:  Modified validations to require a password.

EMS Internal Reference # 21359
(For EMS internal use only)

URL Field Unavailable

When using Portal Authentication, the URL field was unavailable on the Login page. 

Fix: Enabled the field when Portal Authentication is in use so users can now specify the URL as designed.

EMS Internal Reference # 21929
(For EMS internal use only)

EMS Desktop Client > Room Wizard > Meeting Check-In > Start Early

Start Early Button and Check-In Timing Off on Room Wizard

When checking in early to meetings in the Room Wizard, the check-in failed and registered as a no-show. 

Fix: Improved check-in functionality so that users can now click the Start Early button and successfully check in to a meeting. 

EMS Internal Reference # 18802 & 18797
(For EMS internal use only)

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