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V44.1 Update 2

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Name: V44.1 Update 2

Release Date: August 8, 2016

Patch #:  2016.08.08.0

Build #: 1.1.0804.4




Outlook > New Meeting > Billing Reference or PO Number

Bug 22631
Bug 22291
Bug 22628
Bug 22629
Bug 22682

Billing/PO Number Validation and Functionality

When a booking template sets the Billing Reference and PO to show during the booking process, users will now only be prompted to enter them if they do not have a default billing reference or PO assigned. To accommodate organizations with long lists of billing reference or PO numbers, the lookup now only returns a limited number of results at a time to ensure fast performance.

When the System Administrator disables this validation, the Billing Reference or PO Number field will now change to a text entry box where the user can now directly enter the number.

Billing information can also now be viewed and edited by going to the Manage view and clicking on Edit Billing Information... at the bottom right.

When users search for a billing or PO number, they can now search for partial keyword matches, and the Reserve button will not be available until they choose a value for both fields. 

Additionally, users can now expect any billing reference or PO numbers they enter during the booking process to be checked if their System Administrator has activated the appropriate parameter. Parameter names are:

  • Create/Manage Reservations > Billing Reference Validation
  • Create/Manage Reservations > PO Number Validation

Outlook > New Meeting > Add Services

Bug 11084

Display All User Defined Fields

When a booking template includes user-defined fields for services, users can now see and update these in EMS for Outlook in the predefined order, and required fields will be flagged.




Outlook > New Meeting 

Bug 22111

Booking Saved Even When User Exits Before Saving

When booking a space using a process template and then clicking the X to exit the EMS for Outlook window, the booking was incorrectly saved and showed on the Calendar, reminder pop-ups, and Scheduling Assistant.

Fix: Now, when the user clicks the X to exit the booking window, the booking is not saved. 

Outlook > Cancel Meeting

Bug 22673

Require Cancel Reason Rule in Booking Template Ignored

When users canceled a meeting that was created using a booking template that required a reason for cancellation, EMS for Outlook did not prompt them to provide a reason.

Outlook > Delegate Permissions

Bug 21898

Access to Reservation Not Limited to Delegates

When viewing another user's calendar in Outlook, users were not prevented from opening and editing reservations even when they were not configured as delegates. Attendee actions could also affect the status of a reservation such as accepting, declining, and proposing a new time.

Fix: Enforced validations to require that users have delegate permissions in EMS to be able to change a user's reservation.

Outlook > File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Settings

Bug 22477

Macro Security Setting Disabled EMS for Outlook

When an organization had the "Apply macro security settings to installed add-ins"  option in Outlook® checked and enforced by group policy, EMS for Outlook add-in was disabled and could not be enabled.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that the user is able to save and send a meeting/appointment from EMS for Outlook as designed, regardless of the macro setting.

Outlook > New Meeting, Billing Reference or PO Charge Code

Bug 22095
Bug 22277
Bug 22695

Prompts Missing For Charge Code and Billing Reference

When booking a space using a template or room that required a charge code and or billing reference number, users were not being prompted to enter this billing information.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that when the user books a meeting that requires a charge code or billing reference number, EMS for Outlook} prompts the user to enter one and allows charge code and billing reference lookup.

Billing Reference Validation Enforced in Error

When booking a space using a template that required that the user enter a billing reference number but not that the entry be valid, EMS was still validating the entry and users were unable to proceed with the booking without a valid billing reference number.

Fix: Modified functionality to observe the parameter setting correctly so users can now enter invalid billing reference numbers when allowed. 

Outlook > New Recurring Meeting > Add Services

Bug 22274

View Reservation Unavailable After Editing Booking Details For a Single Recurrence

When making a recurrent reservation and editing the details for a single occurrence, such as the time or location, the user was unable to access View Reservation and the following error occurred: The reservation window has been closed due to an error caused by a loaded component.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that when the user changes details for a recurring meeting, the View Reservation option remains available and the error no longer occurs.

Outlook > Edit Booking > Add Services

Bug 22699
Bug 22357
Bug 22703
Bug 22705
Bug 21811

Adding a Service Causes Confirmation Loop

When adding a service to a booking, confirming the change could cause the display to loop back to the confirmation screen several times. 

Fix: Changed validations so that users can now add services without the repeat confirmation. 

Unable to Remove Service Order

When editing a booking and removing one of two or more service orders by deleting the quantity, the order remained on the Manage Services view and was not deleted. 

Fix: Improved functionality so that users can now successfully delete a service in this way.

Service Order Listed Repeatedly

Some filter settings could cause the same service order categories to list many times on the same list. 

Fix: Improved the display to only show the category of services available once based on filters. 

Service Start Time Field Cropped

The dropdown field for Service Start Time was too narrow and the display was cropped.

Fix: Expanded the display for the Service Start Time dropdown to so users can now see the complete start time.

Services Listed Outside of Selected Building

When adding services to a meeting in a selected building, the list of available services included those not available for that building.

Fix: Enforced filters so that when a building is already specified, users can now only choose from services available for that building. 

Outlook > Edit Booking > Add Resource

Bug 22276

Minimum Resource Setting Not Observed

When adding resources to a booking that had a minimum number of resources set, users could add fewer resources than the minimum.

Fix: Improved validations so that users are now prompted to meet the minimum number of resources set for this type of reservation. 

Outlook > New Booking > Search for Rooms

Bug 21801

Search Results Showing Rooms Below Minimum Capacity

When booking space and searching for rooms filtered by minimum capacity, search results incorrectly returned rooms below that minimum. 

Fix: Improved filter validations to ensure that rooms below capacity did not show in the list. 

Outlook > New Booking > Search for Rooms 

Bug 21594

User's Personalized Room Preferences Not Observed

When booking a space and the user had four or more rooms set as preferences in Personalization in EMS Web App, these preferences were not observed and therefore the rooms did not appear in room searches.

Fix: Improved validations so that users can now see preferred rooms listed in room search results. 

Outlook > Edit Booking > Resolve Conflict

Bug 22275

Booking Same Time and Room Caused Error

When resolving a conflict and selecting the same times and room as the original booking, the error could occur, "An unhandled exception on a managed independent window's UI thread has been encountered." 

Fix: Modified functionality so users now see a conflict warning when they attempt to book another conflict during the conflict resolution process instead of the above error.

Rooms Outside of Selected Room Listed For Booking Conflict

When resolving a booking conflict, rooms outside the building selected were listed as available alternatives.

Fix: Enforced filters so that users can now only select from rooms in the same building as the original booking.

Outlook > View Events

Bug 22518

Blank Event Names

When viewing events that had no titles, users were unable to open them in EMS Web App. 

Fix: Changed functionality so that when the event name is blank, it displays as "None" and users can now open them from EMS Web App.

Outlook > New Booking

Bug 22466

Enabling Rooms in EMS Desktop Client Not Updating in EMS for Outlook

When changing a booking template to enable new rooms in the EMS Desktop Client, changes were not automatically showing in EMS for Outlook.

Fix: Changed stored procedures so that once users restart EMS for Outlook, they can now choose from newly enabled rooms. 

Outlook > Initializing EMS for Outlook

Bug 22519

Opening EMS for Outlook on a Desktop Computer Fails

After installing EMS for Outlook on a desktop computer, the add-in did not initialize. The application icon displayed as red "X" and attempting to open it caused an error saying the user's email address did not have an associated EMS web user account.

Fix: Improved validations so that the new user is properly found and recognized after installation.

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