EMS Web App Release Notes
V44.1, Update 2

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

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Name: V44.1 Update 2

Release Date: August 8, 2016

Patch #:  2016.08.08.0

Build #:




Visual Enhancements

Room Name Display


Long Room Names Now Expandable

Anywhere the room name is shown, long names will be truncated with an ellipsis and users can now click to expand and see the full room name.

TFS 21148

Time Increments

Time Increments Now in 15 Minute Intervals

All fields that used 30 minute time increments (such as 10:00 AM, 10:30 AM) now use 15 minute time increments (such as 10:00 AM, 10:15 AM, 10:30 AM).

TFS 20082

Sidebar Navigation

BROWSE and LINKS Icons Enhanced

These parent menu icons have been enhanced so users know when they are not clickable on the sidebar navigation.

TFS 21869

Recurring Meetings

Clicking on Field Labels Now Changes Focus to Field

Users can now click on a field label to change the visual focus to the associated field. 

Improved Field Behavior for End Date and End After

Entries in these fields now result in more intelligent behavior, such as auto-selecting the associated radio buttons and default values of other related fields.

TFS 19915, 19914

Account Details

Account Details Tab Hidden When EMS Human Resources Toolkit Integrated

When an organization has EMS Human Resources Toolkit integrated, the Account Details tab is now hidden since users will update their accounts using that product.

TFS 20065

Browse People

Limit Results on Search for People

When searching for people and results returns high numbers of results, users can now see up to 50 results at a time and click on a message at the bottom (indicating that more results are available, i.e. "50 out of 146 results are shown"), to see more results.

Hide Attendees with Invalid Emails

When searching for attendees to add to a booking, attendees that have invalid email addresses will no longer show in the list.

TFS 22084, 22704

Browse Locations

Show Availability Tab

When browsing locations and selecting a room, users can now select the availability tab to see the room schedule.

TFS 20079

Browse Events

Show Building Info for Special Dates

Users can now see the building associated with each special date on the calendar grid view for Browse Events. 

TFS 18639

Schedule Tab

Observe Local System Time on Schedule Page

Times displayed on the Schedule page now show the same time format as the 12hr or 24hr setting on the user's local machine.

TFS 20087

Service Request

Show Resource Alerts Before Adding Resource to Booking

When a service resource has special alerts, users now see these before adding them to the booking rather than after.

TFS 21332

Mobile Web App

Add Attendees

Loading Circle Icon

Enhanced the icon that appears when loading a long list of attendees for an event.

TFS 21168

Functional Enhancements

New Booking

Intelligent Time Defaults from Booking Template

Users will now see default values more intelligently carried over from the booking template in use (when specified) and validated against the proper time zone: Start Time, End Time, Date.

TFS 19898

Calendar View

Calendar Date Picker Now Has Today Shortcut

All calendar view date pickers have now been enhanced with a new "Today" button centered at the bottom so users can quickly select today's date.

TFS 18298, 18969

Search for Rooms

Room Search Now Available on Mobile Web App

Improved functionality so that users can now click the Search icon to search for rooms by name or keyword just as they can in the non-mobile Web App. Additionally, when the search returns a long list of results, users can now use a new Filter by Location option.

TFS 21400,21492

Outlook Bookings

Show Rule Violation Status for Booking Templates with Outlook Integration

When a booking made using a template that has Outlook integration and it violates a booking rule, users can now see that status in the booking.

TFS 19213

Display of Areas vs. Buildings in Location Search

Areas Now List First in Location Search; Locations Filter Moved to a Separate Dialog

To streamline finding space by Area, areas now list first in the list of locations. Additionally, in the Let Me Search For A Room area, the Locations has now been enhanced from a filter to a more elaborate dialog, which now has both a Buildings and Views tab when Views or Areas exist, where users can now filter by Area. For service-only requests, the Locations filter no longer displays.

TFS 21149 22775

 Browser Compatibility

Browser Update Reminders Can Now Be Turned Off

Modified webconfig file so that reminders to update Internet Explorer can be turned off. 

TFS 22476




Mobile Web App

New Booking

Availability Showed for Non-Domain Users

When booking an event, non-domain attendees' availability incorrectly displayed.

Fix: Modified the display so that users now only see availability for domain users on the mobile Web App.

TFS 21495

Web App

Outlook Emails

Hyperlinks in Outlook Emails Intermittently Fail

Links to reservations in emails generated by EMS were intermittently unreliable depending on users Exchange Integration settings. 

Fix: Modified redirects so that users can now successfully follow hyperlinks from EMS.

TFS 22282

Attachments Tab

Attachments With Names Over 45 Characters Caused Error

Attaching files that had names over 45 characters long caused the error "unknown error has occurred" and users could not proceed with the booking. 

Fix: Increased limitations on file names so users can now attach files with names over 45 characters long.

TFS 13027

New Booking > Booking Conflicts

Users Could Simultaneously Duplicate Booking

Two users with the same room and booking template access could simultaneously create the same booking, and both received email confirmations although the booking was in conflict status.

Fix: Added validations so that users in this situation now see the error message during the booking process "The reservation was created successfully, but one or more bookings are conflicted.  Please edit the reservation to resolve."

Booking Conflict Status Unclear for Recurrent Meetings With Outlook Integration 

When editing a recurrent meeting that had been created in EMS for Outlook and changing the room to one that was already reserved, the space appeared to be available on the calendar view and error messaging was not clear in guiding the user to resolve the conflict. 

Fix: Added red borders on booked space to indicate reservation conflicts and an error message to prompt users to resolve the conflict.  

Meeting Count for Recurring Meetings Incorrect

The total bookings and conflicts displayed for recurring meetings within a single reservation (for example, "4 of 5 occurrences with 2 conflicts") was not counted correctly. 

Fix:  Added validation so the users can now see the correct number of bookings and conflicts counted for each reservation. 

TFS  22693, 22262, 22724

Add Resources

Excluded Room Resources Still Listed As Available

When booking a room that had been defined in the EMS Desktop Client to exclude certain resources on the Exclude Resources tab, they still incorrectly displayed as available during the EMS Web App booking process. 

Fix: Modified database to ensure the when web users book rooms, they now only see resources defined as available.

TFS 22627

View Room Details

Opening Room Details From Room Search Cancels Booking Process

When beginning a new booking, if users clicked on View All to see room details from the Room Request page, and then navigated back to the room search, their search was reset as if they had not specified any criteria.

Fix: Changed functionality so that when navigating back from room details during a room search, users are now returned to their search with the criteria and results still available.

Location Details Unavailable For Some Rooms

When opening room details for some rooms, location information was unavailable.

Fix: Modified functionality so users can now click on room details to view location information.

Location Details Image Caused Error in Firefox Browser

When clicking on images in the Location Details popup, an error occurred.

Fix: improved browser compatibility so that users can now open images from Location Details in Firefox browsers.

TFS 22727, 21604, 21816

Search for Rooms

Filters Not Observed on Rooms Search

When searching for space and filtering the search results by Room Type, Floor, Capacity, or Feature, the filter settings were not observed and rooms were listed that should have been filtered out of the view.

Fix: Modified validations so that users can now filter room search results by type, floor, capacity, and feature. 

TFS 22417, 22585

New Booking

Timezone Throws Off Calendar Search Results Within 24 Hour Period

When booking from a different timezone using a template that required the event to be within 24 hours, incorrect validations (due to timezone) prevented calendar options within the 24 hour window from displaying.

Fix: Modified validations to account for the timezone difference so users now see the correct calendar options for the timezone. 

TFS 22556

Service Only Request

Service Only Request Unavailable When Allow Add On Weekend Parameter Is Off

When requesting a service only booking and the Allow Add on Weekend parameter was turned off, the following error incorrectly occurred: "At least one Rooms is required on the Service Availability tab"

Fix: Added validations so that users can now request service only bookings in this situation without the error. 

Behavior Issues For Multi-Select Drop-Down User-Defined Fields on Service Orders

User-defined dropdown fields that allowed users to select more than one option displayed several behavior issues, such as inaccurate validations, allowing edits without clicking the Edit button, disabling user clicks when appropriate, and so on. When editing service orders that had User-Defined Fields, child fields did not always display.

Fix: Modified behavior for these fields to ensure that users can only edit them when appropriate, ensured that other edits to the Service Order affect behavior for these fields, disabled user clicks when appropriate, and that child User-Defined Fields displayed as designed.

Editing User-Defined Fields Failed for Service Orders

When creating a booking using a Service Order template and requesting multiple services on the Services tab, editing the User-Defined Field caused errors.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can change values in User-Defined Fields on the Services tab without the errors.

User Not Prompted When Child User-Defined Fields on Reservation Details Tab Were Required

When some of these customized fields were set to be required to complete the reservation, the user was not prompted to complete them. 

Fix: Added an error message to prompt the user when a child field has to be filled out if required. User should not be able to create reservation without required UDFs being answered.

Child User-Defined Fields on Reservation Details Tab in Wrong Order

These customized fields did not display in the same order as the parent User-Defined fields. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can set the sequence of these fields just like they do for parent User-Defined Fields. 

Services Summary Displayed In Error Despite Cutoff Time

When a User-Defined Field established a cutoff time that should have filtered out the display of some services, they still appeared on the summary but were unavailable for editing and the display appeared to be broken.

Fix: Enforced the filter so that when a User-Defined Field established a cutoff time, services no longer display in the summary area.

TFS 22513


Reservation Summary

First Contact Displayed Incorrectly on Reservation Summary

When a reservation first contact was the same as the user editing the reservation, the reservation summary showed the first contact as [none]. 

Fix: Modified database scripts so that users can now see the name of the user or group who set up the reservation in the First Contact field on the reservation summary. 

Video Conference Host Reservations Cancellable from Home and My Events Pages

Users were incorrectly able to click the Cancel button for video conference host meetings from the Home page or the My Events page.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the Cancel button is not available from the Home and My Events pages for video conference host meetings.

TFS 20838

Cancel Booking

Wrong Error Message When Canceling Booking

When canceling a booking and providing a cancel reason on the Cancel Booking? popup, the following unclear error message could occur: "The specified string is not in the form required for an email address".

Fix: Modified the error message to be more clear so users now know how to resolve the issue. 

TFS 22539

Edit Room Setup Type

Room Setup Types Not Restricted to Room

When editing a room setup type during a booking, the dropdown seemed to randomly select a setup, and the list included setup types that were not attributed to the room.

Fix: Modified functionality to only list setup types associated with the room.

TFS 21160 Formerly reported in Update 1

Delete Room

Deleting Room From Recurrent Outlook Meeting Causes Error

When canceling a recurring meeting room that was booked in EMS for Outlook, the following error occurred: 
"There was a problem attempting to complete the action you requested. Please try again at a later time."

Fix: Improved validations so that users can now delete rooms from this type of reservation without the error.

TFS 22736

Remove Recurrence

Removing Recurrence From Existing Reservation Caused Display Issues

When editing a reservation to change from a recurrent meeting to a non-recurrent meeting, the booking sequence failed to search for rooms again, and the display retained features specific to recurrent events, such as "x of 0 occurrences", and the Skip Remaining Occurrences dialog.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can now switch a reservation to non-recurring without seeing recurrent meeting features. 

TFS 22542

Remove Room

Removing a Room From Recurrent Booking Caused Display Issues

When removing a room from a recurrent reservation, unclear messaging occurred and presence of Remove (-) and Add (+) icons was not consistent.

Fix: Modified messaging and display so that when removing a room in this situation, users can now click the appropriate Add or Remove icons. 

TFS 22725

Cancel One Booking

Canceled Booking from a Recurrent Reservation Remains on Outlook Calendar

When canceling a single occurrence from a recurrent reservation, the event remained on the EMS for Outlook calendar.

Fix: Modified behavior so users can now cancel a single occurrence and immediately see it reflected in the EMS for Outlook calendar.

TFS 22755

Change Room via Floor Map

Changing Rooms from Floor Map View Failed

When attempting to edit a booking and change the room by clicking the Edit button next to the associated floor map, the change was not saved to the booking.

Fix: Added functionality to ensure that users can now change rooms for bookings in this way, and now a message confirms when they have successfully changed the room. 

Floor Map Display Issues

When working with floor maps, the user could click and drag infinitely outside the area of the floor map image into blank space. 

Fix: Set limits on the floor map display so that users can only click and drag within the floor map image. 

TFS 22573

Web App > Edit Booking > Floor Map

Floor Plans Not Filtering by Floor

When working with a reservation using a template with associated floor plans, the list of floor plans available was not filtering by floor.

Fix: Added validations to ensure that the floor filter was applied to the list view so users only see floor plans for the appropriate floor. 

Internal Reference # 14828

Web App > Edit Booking > Request a Classroom

Changes to Time and Date on Request a Classroom Failed

When booking with the Request a Classroom template, changing the date or time caused an internal server error.

Fix: Modified the template validations so that users can now change the date and time on this type of booking.

TFS 22511

Web App > Edit Booking > Browse Locations

Setup Type Filter Not Observed on Browse Locations

When browsing locations and filtering by setup type, the filter was not applied. 

Fix: Added functionality so that users can now filter Browse Locations by setup type. 

Personalized Location Preferences Not Handled Correctly When Changing Room Selection

When changing the room selection for a reservation, user's personalized booking template settings for Location did not display as expected: when users had multiple preferred locations, either both default locations were listed in the Locations filter row and clicking Search presented a list of all locations, or no location was listed in the Locations popup window.

Fix: Modified functionality so that when editing a room choice, users can now select from rooms in the same building as the room being edited.

Room Availability Schedule Display Fails

When browsing Location Details and clicking the Availability tab, the display was broken.

Fix: Resolved display so that users can now see location availability schedules from Location Details > Availability.

Internal Reference #s 22583, 21153, 22793

Web App > Edit Booking > Browse Events

Add Filter Icon Unclear

The Add Filter (+) icon was confusing.

Fix: Modified the interface for the Browse Events page so that "Add Filter" now displays next to the icon so users now know what to do.

Canceled Events Display on Browse Events 

Canceled events displayed the same as scheduled events on the Browse Events page. 

Fix: Modified the display so that canceled events are greyed out on the Browse Events page and prefixed with ("Canceled)" (the same as on My Events).

Internal Reference #s 22523,  20467

Web App > Edit Reservation > Send Invitation

Sending Invitations Caused Error

When editing a reservation and clicking the Send Invitation option, the following error occurred:

"We could not generate an ICS message for this reservation." error message is shown every time user clicks the link."

Fix: Modified validations so users can now send invitations without the error.

Internal Reference # 22657

Web App > New User Account

Creating New Everyday User Account Remains on Account Management Page

After a new EMS Web App user account was auto-created using Windows Authentication, EMS Web App remained on the Account Management page and did not redirect to the home page.

Fix: Added behavior so that in this situation, EMS Web App re-launches and automatically logs the new user in.

Internal Reference # 22467

Web App > Sign Out

Logout Unavailable When Windows Authentication Activated

When Windows Authentication was turned on, the Sign Out option was not available.

Fix: Modified functionality so that in this situation users can now sign out as expected.

Internal Reference # 19133 

Web App > New Booking > Room Request

Next Step Button Missing From Bottom of Page

When searching for rooms and long lists of results displayed, the Next Step button was not available from the bottom of the page.

Fix: Added the Next Step button so that users no longer have to scroll up to proceed with the booking process.

User Personalization Settings for Show Time As and Reminder Not Observed for Room Requests

When requesting a room, user's personalized booking template settings in the Show Time As and Reminder fields under My Account > Personalization > Templates were not observed, so users had to complete these fields every time they requested a room.  When requesting a room using EMS for Outlook, the setting for Reminder was reset to zero.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that personalized template settings are observed for room requests and users can now expect these settings to automatically apply to room requests.

Required User Defined Fields Not Prompting Guest Users

When guests requested a room using a booking template that required them to complete child dropdown multi-select fields, they were not being prompted to complete those fields.

Fix: Added a prompt so that guest users now see a message to complete required fields if left blank.

Internal Reference #s 22636, 22655, 22735, 22751

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