EMS Platform Services Release Notes
V44.1, Update 20.4

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Name: V44.1 Update 20.4

Release Date: January 18, 2018

Build #: 44.1.20004.458





Incorrect Information in Delegate Tokens

A user can generate a delegate token for a specific user if there is not an active delegate token for that user. If another user attempted to generate a delegate token on that same user, the Platform Service noticed the active delegate token from the first user and provided that same token in response without generating a new token.

Fix: Modified functionality so that tokens for multiple delegates refresh properly, are unique, and contain the correct user's data. Therefore, users will be able to use their delegated token to perform actions as the delegator.


With this fix, a new delegate token will be generated for every user; however we are assuming that no two users will be performing actions for a specific user at the exact same time. Therefore, before generating a new delegate token, any previously active delegate tokens for that specific user will be invalidated.

Internal Reference # 35716
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

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