EMS Desktop Client Release Notes
V44.1, Update 20

This section describes updates to your EMS software.  

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V44.1 Update 20

Release Date: 
December 22, 2017


Build #:  


Integration with Google Calendar has been added to the EMS Desktop Client.  For additional details, please see the Google Calendar Integration Release Notes




Reservation Wizard

New Option in Reservation Wizard

This new option in the EMS Desktop Client Reservation Wizard allows users to 'schedule bookings in local building timezone.' This new option disables the timezone dropdown and schedules each selected room/date combination chosen in the Reservation Wizard in the local building timezone for each respective room.

Internal Reference # 34441

Startup  Performance

Client Startup Performance Improvement

Improved the startup speed for the EMS Desktop Client.

Internal Reference # 34663




Check in Notification

Check-in Rules Not Functioning

Check-in notification rules were not firing correctly if configured to change status but not send email.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the status reflects the status specified on the check-in rule and the check-in notification rule fires the email to the specified individuals.

Internal Reference # 34796


No Show Notification Service Was Triggering Notification for Past Bookings

The NoShowRule was being triggered and notifications sent to Everyday Users for bookings that had been canceled or already ended.

Fix: Modified functionality so that no email is sent for bookings that have already ended.

Internal Reference # 31599

Performance Issues

EMS Dashboard Course Updates Caused EMS Desktop Client to Crash

EMS Desktop Client was locking up and crashing when course updates were made in the EMS Dashboard. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that EMS Desktop Client performance is maintained when initializing the EMS Dashboard.

Internal Reference # 34954

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