EMS Desktop Client — Academic Planning Release Notes
V44.1, Update 20

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Name: V44.1 Update 20

Release Date: December 22, 2017

Patch: 44.1.20000.201712150





Improved Sync and Auto-sync Service Performance

Improvements made to speed up the course synchronization, auto-sync, and publishing processes.

EMS Internal Reference # 32374
(For Internal Use Only)

Full Location Writeback for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Updated baseline PeopleSoft integration to create Event ID and write to PS_CAMPUS_EVENT and PS_CAMPUS_MTG. 

EMS Internal Reference # 32376
(For Internal Use Only)

Complex Sort, Filter, Column Stacking in the Resolve Screen of Optimizer

Updated the resolve screen of the optimizer to allow more complex sorting, filtering and column stacking, similar to the Academic Browser.

EMS Internal Reference # 32379
(For Internal Use Only)


Changing Rooms Showed Just Conflicts

For the Reservation Wizard and the Change Rooms wizard, the conflicts tab will now actually only show bookings that are in conflict with the selected time.

EMS Internal Reference # 28886
(For Internal Use Only)


Hourly Class Room Utilization Report Was Reporting Inactive Rooms

Added option in Hourly Classroom Utilization report configuration to include or exclude inactive rooms from report output.

EMS Internal Reference # 12972
(For Internal Use Only)


Time Picker Functionality

Users now have the ability to enter time via the 24-hour clock, so they no longer have to pick "AM" and "PM" from the dropdown.

EMS Internal Reference # 34826
(For Internal Use Only)




Performance Issues

Extreme Latency When Editing Reservations

Editing reservations was taking a long time for customers who enabled the parameter 'accumulate shared space enrollment'.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users do not experience any latency.

EMS Internal Reference # 23704
(For Internal Use Only)

EMS Database

EMS Database Was Locking When Synchronizing or Changing Course Room Assignments

For some customers and terms, EMS was locking when attempting to synchronize post-publish.

Fix: Modified functionality so that no database locks/timeouts take place when syncing/processing course updates.

EMS Internal Reference # 34644
(For Internal Use Only)

Performance Issues

EMS Dashboard Course Updates Caused EMS Desktop Client to Crash

EMS Desktop Client was locking up and crashing when course updates were made in the EMS Dashboard. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that EMS Desktop Client performance is maintained when initializing the EMS Dashboard.

EMS Internal Reference # 34674
(For Internal Use Only)

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