EMS Kiosk App Release Notes
V44.1, Update 20

This section describes updates to your EMS software.  

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Name: V44.1 Update 20

Release Date: December 22, 2017

Patch: 44.1.20000.201712150

Build #:  44.1.20000.269





Auto Update Mechanism

Customers can now install newer versions of the EMS Kiosk App at the server level and have the individual kiosk devices detect and apply the update. 

Internal Reference # 33373




Switch to Map View

Opening a Tooltip Created Two Popup Windows

When users clicked the Switch to Map View button, the tooltip was opened even if it had been closed.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the tooltip does not open more than once. 

Internal Reference # 32614

Locate Space

SVG Indicators Were Not Visible

When users located a space and zoomed in or out of the floor plan, the SVG indicators were not visible. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that the indicators are visible.

Internal Reference # 33391

Special Characters Not Displaying Correctly

When users located a space and attempted to Find a Nearby Space, certain special characters (&, ', ", /, <, and >) were not displaying correctly.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the special characters render correctly. 

Internal Reference # 33659

Text Changed at the Top of Find Nearby Space Page

Users searching for a Group on Locate a Person were shown a list of their bookings with text at the top that stated, "Today's Reservations for <Group Name> from <Start Time> to <End Time>." However, after clicking on Find Nearby Space, the text at the top of the page persisted although it did not reflect the search results. This text has been changed.

Fix: Modified functionality so that text at the top of the page reflects the search results for that page.

Internal Reference # 33660

If a Booking Conflict Was Created, User Was Stuck on Empty Page

If a user created a conflict booking in the EMS Kiosk App, they were not redirected to My Reservations. Clicking on the Back button did not allow them to navigate; users were stuck on an empty page. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that users who create conflicts can navigate to the previous screen or be redirected to My Reservations. 

Internal Reference # 33713

If WPT Security Enabled, Blue Indicators Were Not Appearing if Room Is Not in WPT

When searching for nearby space, if the current room was not in WPT but other rooms on the floor plan were, the blue indicator did not display. Users could see the tool tip, but not the blue indicator.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the blue indicator displays.

Internal Reference # 33745

No Rooms Available Message Appeared if Only the Current Room Was in WPT

When searching for a nearby space, if WPT was enabled and the current room was in WPT but other rooms on the same floor map were not, users should have received the message: "There are no maps available for your chosen criteria."

Fix: Modified functionality so that the no rooms available message appears appropriately. 

Internal Reference # 33746

Make a Reservation

Save Changes Button on Date Picker Was Not Working

When users tried to change the date on the Make a Reservation screen, they could not click Save Changes. This was appearing in both Chrome and IE11.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can save their changes.

Internal Reference # 35017

Text with Selected Dates/times Did Not Change with Translations

In the Make a Reservation List View, text with selected times was not changing with translations. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that all translated text appears appropriately. 

Internal Reference # 34244

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