EMS Desktop Client Known Issues
V44.1, Update 21


Internal Reference

TMS Data being overwritten.


When creating or editing a service order notification, users searching for Resources are experiencing their selections not being retained.


Sorting by booking time doesn't work in Booking Move/Change Status Wizard. Bookings are ordered by date and then by time. 


Instead of sending a report once daily, reports for Asia Office are being run until the GMT time lines up with HKT. 


Categories are not showing up on new or old confirmations.


Users can view all rooms and view reservations in rooms they do not have access to.


If a customer opens an existing Service Order Notification Rule, that includes a Filter for 'States', but does not make any changes to the rule; selecting the 'Finish' button reverts the 'States' filter to 'All'. If the customer instead selects the 'Cancel' button, the existing 'States' filter selection is retained. 


The Desktop Client doesn't try to validate against the last connected build of the Desktop Client, so users are not being notified that an updated build is available. Furthermore, the database updates the Column to reflect the last client connection.