EMS for Outlook Release Notes
V44.1, Update 21

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V44.1 Update 21

Release Date: 
January 31, 2018


Build #: 




Edit a Reservation

Automatically Change Room from None to Selected Room

When editing an occurrence of a series, the add-in will now default to the schedule view instead of the selected rooms area. When a user chooses a room for a date that they previously skipped, the chosen room will now automatically replace the system room (none).

Internal Reference # 35424




Room Filter

Users Unable to Enter Text in Location Box

Type-ahead functionality was added to the building field under the filtering tool.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can enter text.

Internal Reference # 33711

Event Name

Default Event Named Held Previous Booking Name

The default name for an event held the previous booking name, despite being on a different template.

Fix: Modified functionality so that template defaults for event name change if the user changes the template.

Internal Reference # 33763

Event Name

Icon Remained Despite Dragging Time to Conflict

When there was a time conflict for a booking, the add (+) icon still appeared if a user dragged the time to the conflict.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the add (+) icon against a room does not appear when users drag time to conflict.

Internal Reference # 34105

Edit Reservation

Room Change Not Allowed When Original Room Had an Inventory Tracking Feature

Users were unable to edit the room of an existing reservation if that original room had an inventory tracking feature.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can change the room.

Internal Reference # 34460

Make a Reservation


Users Unable to Book More than One Booking on Template That Allows Multiple Bookings

Users were unable to book more than one booking on templates that were configured for multiple bookings.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can book multiple bookings on multiple booking templates.

Internal Reference # 34880

Outlook Reservations Did Not Follow the Reservation Source Parameter

'Reservation Source' on a reservation made through EMS for Outlook was not following the source set on the template, whether template specific or global.

Fix: Modified functionality so that reservations made in EMS for Outlook follow the reservation source parameter.

Internal Reference # 35076

Resource Alert


Resource Alerts Were Cutoff in Popup

If resource alerts are too long, they were cutoff and did not wrap as expected.

Fix: Modified functionality so that resource alerts wrap.

Internal Reference # 35086

Service Items


Service Items Booked Did Not Appear on Confirmations

Categories and resources were not appearing correctly on the initial automated confirmation that is sent.

Fix: Modified functionality so that categories and resources appear correctly on confirmations.

Internal Reference # 34773

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