EMS for Outlook Release Notes
V44.1, Update 23

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V44.1 Update 23

Release Date: 
March 30, 2018

Patch: 44.1.23000.201803230

Build #: 44.1.23000.1941




Selected Rooms

New Status Column Added

A new status column has been added so users can see if the room they selected is in a Confirmed (BookSpace) status. This Status column will display on the Selected Rooms tab.

Internal Reference # 33470
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

Schedule View


New Header Displays Request and Reserve Rooms on Schedule View

Within each building on the schedule view, 'request' rooms on a template and in that building are now grouped together in a separate section. Rooms in this section are italicized.

Internal Reference # 36552
(For EMS Internal Use Only)





Services Were Not Saved After Room Changed

Services were not saved after room was changed on EMS for Outlook add-in. EMS Desktop Client showed the resource was still added to the canceled room/booking, instead of the new one.

Fix: Modified functionality so that services are still available when the updated reservation is opened.

Internal Reference # 35470
(For EMS Internal Use Only)



Send Update Button Not Working When an Occurrence of a Recurring Reservation Was Canceled

When users deleted one occurrence, the occurrence was not removed from the Calendar. In the EMS Desktop Client, the required booking still had a Confirmed status. When users removed the series, all series were removed from the Calendar, BUT the reservation and all bookings displayed a Confirmed status in the EMS Desktop Client.

Fix: Modified functionality so that occurrences and series deleted are removed from Calendar and display a Canceled status in the EMS Desktop Client.

Internal Reference # 36104
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

Booking Violation Error


Error When Opening and Canceling Out While Creating an Outlook Booking

Users who opened and then canceled out while trying to create a booking received a booking violation error modal, notifying them that fields were required.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users who do not choose a room do not receive a booking violation error.

Internal Reference # 36245
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

Attendee Availability


Attendee Availability Was Not Updating

When changing dates, the EMS for Outlook Add-in was not updating attendee availability.

Fix: Modified functionality so that attendee availability was updated every time the date is changed.

Internal Reference # 36492
(For EMS Internal Use Only)


Combo Rooms Not Booking Correctly

When booking combo rooms in the EMS for Outlook Add-in and adjusting the time, the combo room does not appear.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the booking time is updated and rooms display as booked.

Internal Reference # 36740
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

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