EMS Web App Release Notes
V44.1, Update 28

This section describes updates to your EMS software.  

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V44.1 Update 28

Release Date: 
August 31, 2018

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EMS Web App Security Enhancements

Enhancements have been implemented to strengthen security in the EMS Web App. Submit an EMS Support Help Desk ticket through Accruent Access to receive additional information.

Internal Reference # 40046, 40047, 40048, 40050, 40051, 40083, and 40097
(For EMS Internal Use Only)




Create Events

Items on the Schedule Grid Displayed Improperly for IST Time Zone

When a search was completed in Indian Standard Time (IST), the red time-indicator in the Schedule Grid in Create Events displayed the incorrect time selection for all buildings and attendee availability. However, when the booking was Created, the time was reflected correctly.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the schedule grid reflects the correct time when searching in IST.

Internal Reference # 39573
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

Service Orders

VC Booking Resource Incorrectly Duplicated

When creating a booking in a VC-enabled template and adding multiple resources (of which at least one is configured to be tied to feature and one is not), there were multiple, duplicate service orders created on the booking when only a single service order should have been created.

Fix: Modified functionality so that resources that meet this configuration will result in a single service order added to the booking.

Internal Reference # 39952
(For EMS Internal Use Only)


Translation File Fixes

Translation files were updated to accommodate label changes for "phone" and to accommodate recent field changes.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the application properly reads all translation file entries.

Internal Reference # 39961
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

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