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V44.1 Update 3

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Name: V44.1 Update 3

Release Date: August 26, 2016

Build #: 44.1.0823.4




EMS for Outlook > Room Search 

Services Button Shows for Rooms in Buildings With No Available Services

When searching for rooms in buildings that had no services available, the Services button was incorrectly available.

Fix: Modified the display so the button no longer appears for rooms in buildings with no services. 

EMS Internal Reference # 22758

EMS for Outlook > Group Policy  

Macro Security Settings Not Enabling EMS for Outlook

When an organization enforced user access by group policy (Outlook > File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Settings > Apply macro..), the setting was not enabling users as expected.

Fix: Added a step to the EMS for Outlook build process that digitally signs the add-in's loader, thus satisfying the security requirements and enabling users as expected.

EMS Internal Reference # 22477

EMS for Outlook > New Meeting 


Meeting Created Although Not Saved

When users began booking a new meeting but clicked the Cancel (X) button without saving, the meeting was still created and appeared on the calendar.

Fix: Changed functionality to ensure that meetings that are not saved do not book. 

EMS Internal Reference # 22111

Capacity and Setup Count Values Not Populating In EMS Desktop Client

When users booked space and set the Capacity and Setup Count fields for rooms, those values appeared in the EMS Desktop Client as zero.

Fix: Modified functionality so that these values show in the EMS Desktop Client. 

EMS Internal Reference # 22354

EMS for Outlook > User Defined Fields

User Defined Field Not Shown on New Service Orders

When booking a new service order using a booking template that had a user defined Yes/No field prompting users, the field was not visible, and only appeared when editing existing orders.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that the field appears on new bookings.

EMS Internal Reference # 22897

Date Conversion Miscalculated

When making a reservation with a service order using a template that had a user defined field with a default date set, the date was converted to year-day-month format.

Fix: Changed how dates are converted for this field to always use the local system date formatting.

EMS Internal Reference # 22886

Chose Option for User Defined Field Not Saved

When editing a booking with a service order that had parent and child user defined fields, the chosen option did not save or display in the order summary.

Fix: Modified the display so that selections in these fields save with the service order and show on the order summary

EMS for Outlook > Conflict Resolution 

Multiple Confirmation Emails Triggered by Conflict Resolution for Recurrent Meetings

When resolving booking conflicts for a recurrent meeting by canceling a series, multiple individual confirmation emails were generated for each occurrence plus one.

Fix: Modified functionality so that only one confirmation email triggers for this type of conflict resolution. 

EMS Internal Reference # 22901

EMS for Outlook >  Billing Information 

Reserve Button Hidden on Provide Billing Information Page

When prompted to provide billing information, the Reserve button was hidden and only showed when users expanded the page.

Fix: Modified the display so that the button shows when the page displays at its default size. 

EMS Internal Reference # 22967

Default PO/Billing Missing on Service Orders

When booking service orders using booking templates that had prepopulated values set for billing information, the values were not showing on EMS for Outlook.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that these values show on EMS for Outlook. 

EMS Internal Reference # 22696, 22697

EMS for Outlook > Edit Resources

Changes to Resources Not Saved

When editing a reservation and changing resources, changes were not saved.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that these changes are saved. 

EMS Internal Reference # 22956

EMS for Outlook > Edit Recurring Meeting

Changes to Single Occurrence in Appointment Window Not Saved

When editing the time of a single occurrence in the Appointment window, the changes were not saved to the calendar. 

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that these edits are saved. 

EMS Internal Reference # 22532

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