EMS Web App Release Notes V44.1, Update 3

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Name: V44.1, Update 3

Release Date: August 26, 2016

Build #: 44.1.334.0


Area Description

EMS Web App > Recurrent Meeting > Browse Locations

Bug 23135

Remove "I Know What Room I Want" Option for Recurrent Meetings

When users create or edit a recurring meeting, the "I Know What Room I Want" option will now be hidden from view. This is due to an issue we discovered in our testing.  That issue will be resolved in the next patch and the option will be re-enabled.


EMS Web App > Edit Video Conference Meeting > Add Booking 

Bug 22405

Enhance User Interface for Adding Bookings to Video Conferences

When editing a VC reservation, users will no longer see the "New Booking" button.  This button was used to add a second host, but was causing confusion. If users want to add another room to the reservation, they will need to edit the Host room and will be able to add another Attendee room from there. 

EMS Web App > Browse Locations > View Floor Plans

Bug 21611

Add Support for SVG File Formats for Floor Plan Images

SVG files are now supported and rendered correctly in the following areas:

  • EMS Floor Plan Configuration
  • Configuring floor map using SVG image (adding indicators, removing indicators, changing rooms, etc.)
  • EMS Web App
  • Using an SVG floor map to book space
  • EMS Desktop Client
  • Configuration > Buildings > Images tab

Web App > New Booking > Add Attendees

Bug 22704

Hide Attendees with Invalid Emails

When searching for attendees to add to a booking, attendees that have invalid email addresses will no longer show in the list.

Web App > New Booking > Date & Time

Bug 20083

Enhance User Interface to Make Booking Template Date Restrictions More Obvious

When the user inputs an invalid booking date and removes focus from the date input field, the invalid date will now remain in the field (previously, the date reverted to the current date with no error message). Additionally, the date input field will highlight the error in red, and the following message will display: "Please input a valid booking date." If the user then clicks on the Calendar to select a date, the date picker will default to the current date. If the date selected is correct but the Start/End time is not (start time is too soon, time zone conflict), then the red text highlight and error message will also present beneath the Start Time input field: "Please input a valid booking time."  




EMS Web App > New Booking > Edit Room Selection

Bug 23005

Locations Tab Unavailable When Changing Room Selection 

When making a new reservation, after selecting rooms, the Locations tab was unavailable and users were unable to change buildings unless they removed previously selected rooms. The following error occurred: 
"You cannot change the date or time after you've added a Room to the cart. If you need to change the date or time, first remove the Room by clicking the minus button next to the Room."

Fix: Changed validations so that the Locations tab remains available after rooms are added to the cart.

EMS Web App > New Booking > Add Resources

Bug 20841

Bug 23020

Minimum Resource Cost Setting Not Enforced

When making a reservation using a template that had assigned resources with a set minimum price, users were able to proceed even when they did not meet that minimum cost.

Fix: Enforced an error message to prompt users when the booking does not meet the minimum cost. 

Excluded Resources Allowed

When making a new reservation and adding resources, users were able to choose services that were excluded from the selected rooms. 

Fix: Enforced the excluded resources rule so that users cannot add services that are excluded for certain rooms. 

EMS Web App > New Booking > Add Services

Bug 22805

Bug 22232

Catering Services With Predefined "Serves" Quantity Halts Booking

When adding a catering resource that had a prepopulated value set in the "Serves" field, users were prompted to confirm the quantity and could not advance past the prompt to complete the booking. 

Fix: Modified validations so that users can add these types of resources and advance past the prompt. 

Parameter to Hide Resource Pricing Not Observed

When adding a resource to a booking, the pricing still showed even if the booking template parameter for hiding it was activated.

Fix: Modified the display to observe the parameter so that pricing no longer shows when it is activated.

EMS Web App > New Booking > Recurring Meetings

Bug 22806

Bug 22877

Timezone on Recurrent Meeting Does Not Match Reservation Timezone

When making a reservation and selecting rooms for recurring meetings, the default timezone in the "Create booking in this time zone" field was not the same as the timezone shown for the overall reservation.

Fix: Modified the field so that it defaults to the same timezone as set at the reservation level. 

Dates on Recurrent Meeting Does Not Default to Reservation Dates

When making reservations with recurring meetings, the default date field was not set to the same date as the reservation, but instead used the date from the booking template.

Fix: Modified functionality to observe the date set for the reservation as the default value for child bookings.

EMS Web App > My Bookings > Booking Details

Bug 21337

Edit Icon Not Appearing Consistently

When opening a booking from My Bookings, the Edit icon did not appear consistently on the Booking Details screen, although users could click on the event name to edit the details.

Fix: Modified the display so that the icon always displays when the user has edit permissions.

EMS Web App > Edit Reservation > Add Attendee

Bug 23078

Updates to Attendee Labels in EMS Desktop Client Not Reflected in EMS Web App

When administrators changed labels for attendees fields in the client, these labels were not carried over to the EMS Web App. 

Fix: Enforced parameters to ensure that field labels match in both applications for: Attendee Email Address; Attendee Name; Attendee Notes; Attendee Phone; Attendee Visitor

EMS Web App > Edit Reservation > Video Conference

Bug 22799

Bug 22858

Bug 23138

Error When Editing Video Conferences and Adding Services

When editing a video conference booking and adding services, the following error occurred:

 "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'ServiceStartTime' of undefined"

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can edit video conference bookings to add services and the error no longer occurs. 

Estimated Count Zeroed Out

When editing services for a reservation that was booked using a template that had a prepopulated value for the Estimated Count, the value was incorrectly set to zero.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the Estimated Count now matches the Default Value for Attendee parameter in the booking template.

Reservation Tasks Panel Shifted After Canceling Video Conference

When users canceled a video conference, the Reservation Tasks area was shifted to the lower left part of the page.

Fix: Modified the display to ensure that the area appears in the upper right part of the page as designed.

EMS Web App > New Reservation > User Defined Fields

Bug 21591

Bug 22953

Bug 22843

Bug 22780

Bug 22771

Default Value "None" in Dependent User Defined Field Not Carried Over When Using IE 11

When requesting a room using a template that had several child user defined fields prepopulated to "None," that default value was not showing on Internet Explorer 11 browsers. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that the default value "None" is visible on IE 11 browsers. 

Reservations with User Defined Fields on Reservation Details Screen Caused Error

When making a new reservation using a template that had several user defined fields on the Reservation Details tab, an error occurred and users could not complete the booking.

Fix: Modified validations so that reservations that have user defined fields on the Reservation Details tab successfully complete and the error no longer occurs. 

Date Conversion Miscalculated

When making a reservation using a template that had a reservation-level user defined field with a default date set, the date was converted to year-day-month format.

Fix: Changed how dates are converted for this field to always use year-month-day format.

Field Sequence Not Observed

When booking a room and adding services using a template that had user defined fields set to display in a sequence depending on the users' entries, those fields simply displayed in alphabetical order.

Fix: Changed the display to observe the field sequence set by the user.

Field Sorting Different Between Reservation Summary and Edit Reservation

User defined fields that were set to sort alphabetically on the Reservation Summary page were not sorted in the same way on the Edit Reservation page.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the same field sorting rules are observed on both pages.

EMS Web App > Outlook Bookings

Bug 23061

Bug 23008

Bug 23084

Bug 22981

Bug 23083

Bug 22651

Attach File Incorrectly Visible

When booking a room using an Outlook template that had the "Allow Attachments" option de-activated, the Attach File options remained available.

Fix: Enforced the Allow Attachments option so that when de-activated, the fields do not display on the booking screen.

Weekdays Only Setting Ignored on Calendar for Recurring Meetings

When booking a room using an Outlook template that had the "Weekdays Only" option selected, the recurrence pattern showed on the Outlook calendar on weekend days. 

Fix: Enforced validations to ensure that when the option is selected, meeting recurrence only schedules on weekdays.

Removing a Room from Recurring Outlook Meetings Cancels Recurrence

When editing an Outlook recurring meeting and removing a room, the recurrence was also removed and only the first meeting in the series appeared on the calendar.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can now remove rooms from a recurrent reservation without loosing the bookings.

Weekly Recurring Outlook Meeting Creates a Daily Appointment on Calendar

Scheduling a recurring, once-weekly meeting using an Outlook booking template could results in daily bookings appearing on the Outlook calendar.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that once-weekly recurrences populate the Outlook calendar correctly.

Two Rooms Booked Only for First Instance of Recurring Outlook Meeting 

When booking a recurring meeting with two room, both rooms only showed as booked for the first instance of the meeting.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can now book both rooms for all recurrences in the series.

Edit and Cancel Icons Inconsistent for Location During Conflict Resolution for Outlook Meetings

When editing an Outlook meeting to resolve a booking conflict and changing the location, the Edit and Cancel icons did not appear consistently next to the Location field. 

Fix: Modified the display to ensure that the icons appear whenever the user has permissions to change the location.

EMS Web App > Account Management

Bug 22888

My Account Page Display Issues

The visual display on the My Account page was incorrect. 

Fix: Modified the page to display correctly. 

EMS Web App > Browse Events 

Bug 22767

Bug 22935

Booking Details Unavailable for Reservations Without Assigned User

When browsing events that did not have assigned web user (such as "Employee"), the booking details screen was empty. 

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that booking details display regardless of whether an event has an assigned user.  

Event Name Incorrectly Hyperlinked from Booking Details

When browsing events and navigating to the Booking Details screen, event names were incorrectly hyperlinked even for users who were not the event owner. 

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that only event owners can click on the event name from the Booking Details screen to see more detail.  

EMS Mobile Web App > My Events

Bug 23046

Setting Site Home as Default Home Page Blocks Navigation to My Events

When users set the Site Home page as their default home page for EMS Web App, clicking Home on the Mobile version of the app incorrectly navigated them to the Site home page. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that clicking Home on EMS Mobile Web App always returns users to the My Events page.

EMS Web App > Booking Check -In

Bug 22985

Simultaneous Conflicting Check-In 

Users were able to check in to two conflicting events. 

Fix: Modified validations so that users can only check into a single confirmed booking at a time.

EMS Web App > Browse for Space 

Bug 22924

Bug 22753

Rooms List Empty on Smaller Browser Windows

Shrinking the browser window to fit smaller devices such as smartphones or tablets caused the list of rooms to appear empty. 

Fix: Modified the display to show the rooms list even on smaller browser windows. 

Ungrouped Buildings Missing 

When searching for space, buildings that were not grouped in areas were missing from search results.

Fix: Modified the search results to include and display ungrouped buildings.

EMS Web App > Browse Locations

Bug 22792

Bug 22907

Bug 22874

Bug 23032

Template Names Wrong on Location Details

When booking rooms from the Location Details tab, template names were incorrect.

Fix: Modified the menu to display the default template names from this tab.

Typos on Locations Tab

Several typos displayed on the Locations tab, "Search for an Location" and "Show All All Locations."

Fix: Fixed the typos: "Search for a Location" and "Show All Locations."

Rooms Booked Past Midnight Show as Available

When a booking extended later than midnight and users searched for rooms, those rooms incorrectly showed as available

Fix: Modified the display so that rooms booked past midnight do not show as available.

Timezone Off By A Day in the Locations View

Bookings that were made in a different time zone displayed in the Browse Locations view as off by one day.

Fix: Modified validations to ensure that time zones are correctly converted and displayed in the viewer's time zone.

EMS Web App > New Reservation > PO Number

Bug 22954

PO Number Not Shown as Required

When making a reservation using a template that required a PO number, the PO number did not show the "required" asterisk. 

Fix: Modified the display to show the field as required. 

EMS Web App > Service Only Requests

Bug 22779

Setup Types Available for Service Only Reservations

When making a service-only reservation, the Attendance and Setup Type columns were incorrectly available for editing. 

Fix: Modified validations so that these options are not visible for service-only reservations. 

EMS Mobile Web App on Iphone 5s > Browse Locations

Bug 23049

Update Location Unavailable Ater Adding Location on iPhone 5s

The Update Location button was not visible on Iphone 5s after users added the location. 

Fix: Modified the display to ensure that the button is available. 

EMS Web App > Create Request

Bug 23018

Anonymous Request Caused Error

When unauthenticated users created a room request, the app crashed. 

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that anonymous users can request rooms. 

EMS Web App > New Booking

Bug 23157

"Please enter a valid Time" Message Persists When Time is Valid

When booking a new meeting and entering a start time in the past, the message "Please enter a valid Time" continued to prompt users after they entered a valid time.

Fix: Modified the display so the message does not persist after users resolve the invalid time. 

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