EMS Web App Release Notes
V44.1, Update 30.2

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V44.1 Update 30.2

Release Date: 
November 9, 2018

Build #: 




Skype for Business



Configure Default Meeting Options for Skype for Business

Added capability to configure meeting options for the Skype for Business link generated through the EMS Web app.

The following two meeting options can be configured using PowerShell module for Skype or the Skype for Business Admin Control Panel:

  • Callers get in directly
  • Who's a presenter?

Internal Reference # 41798
(For EMS Internal Use Only)




Skype for Business



Incorrect Formatting on Skype for Business Invite Generated by EMS Web App

Custom footer text’ was not displaying correctly when using certain characters (" < >).

Fix: Modified functionality so that special characters are properly displayed in ‘custom footer text’.

EMS Internal Reference # 41766
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

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