EMS Database Release Notes
V44.1, Update 30

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V44.1 Update 30

Release Date: 
November 1, 2018





Time Zone

Incorrect Start Date for Brasilia Time Zone DST

The start date for Brasilia daylight saving time (DST) has changed to the first Sunday of November. The database time zone table (tblTimeZone) has been updated with the new DST start date for the Brasilia time zone (ID=53). All future bookings in buildings in the Brasilia time zone are being updated to reflect the new Brasilia DST start date.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the Brasilia time zone DST is appropriately updated in EMS applications and in all future bookings with buildings in the Brasilia time zone.

Internal Reference # 41665
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

Browse Locations

Browse Locations Page Loading Slowly

Browse Locations was slow upon initial loading of the Schedule Grid.

Fix: Updated the webapp_Common_GetBookEvents stored procedure to improve load times in Browse Locations page.

Internal Reference # 41636
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

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