EMS Platform Services Release Notes
V44.1, Update 31

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V44.1 Update 31

Release Date: 
January 16, 2019

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Beginning with Update 31, EMS Platform Services is a prerequisite for installing and using the EMS Web App. If EMS Platform Services has not yet been installed in your environment, validate the hardware and software requirements for EMS Platform Services.




G Suite



Google Integration Issues

When a recurring meeting was scheduled in the EMS Web App, and attendees were invited, the reservation did not always appear on the organizer's calendar.

Fix: Modified functionality so that all reservations appear on the organizer's calendar.

EMS Internal Reference # 42095
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

Room Availability

Number of Rooms Shown Was Being Affected by Page Size

When using the EMS Platform Services API with a multi-template availability route, the number of available rooms displayed was being affected by the page size. For example, with a page size of 5, three rooms were shown as available and two as unavailable. However, if the page size was changed to 10, six rooms would show as available. Additionally, the sort order did not display all of the available rooms before the unavailable rooms.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the following occurs for a multi-template availability route:

  • Page size is applied to the results from all process templates, instead of paging per template.
  • Available rooms are returned first, followed by unavailable ones.
  • Availability results are sorted on UnavailableReason (Ascending), Room Description (Ascending), and TemplateId.
  • If a room is available on more than one template, the room will be returned only once based on the value set for filter filterDuplicateRoomsByDaysAvailable.
  • If the flag filterDuplicateRoomsByDaysAvailable is set to false, duplicate results are returned.
  • resultsCount property represents the total number of rooms returned in response.

EMS Internal Reference # 41313
(For EMS Internal Use Only)

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