EMS Kiosk App Release Notes
V44.1, Update 33

This section describes updates to your EMS software.  

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V44.1 Update 33

Release Date: 
June 2019


Build #: 




EMS for Microsoft Exchange

Ability to use EMS for Microsoft Exchange with EMS Kiosk App

As of Update 33, you can use EMS for Microsoft Exchange with the EMS Kiosk App. To use EMS for Microsoft Exchange with EMS Kiosk App, you will need to install Update 33 of EMS Platform Services.

With EMS for Microsoft Exchange installed, EMS Kiosk App users can create, end, and cancel bookings that have rooms linked to Exchange mailboxes. These booking updates will then be pushed to Exchange, and the booking information will be reflected in the organizer's and room's Exchange calendars.

If the connection to Exchange is interrupted while a user is creating an EMS for Microsoft Exchange reservation, the reservation will still be created; however, the reservation information will not be pushed to Exchange. The user will also receive an error stating that the booking was created, but there was a problem creating a meeting in the Exchange calendaring system.

For more information on using EMS for Microsoft Exchange with EMS Kiosk App, see How EMS for Microsoft Exchange Works.

Internal Reference # EMS-6088 and EMS-6167
(For Internal Use Only)




Make a Reservation, EMS Floor Plans

Icons were not aligned correctly on floor maps

In EMS Kiosk App, the floor map pins (icons) were not aligned correctly with the rooms, even though the pins were aligned correctly in the EMS Floor Plans configuration tool.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the floor map pins display in EMS Kiosk App correctly (as configured in the EMS Floor Plans configuration tool).

Internal Reference # EMS-1392
(For Internal Use Only)

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