EMS Room Sign App Release Notes
V44.1, Update 33

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V44.1 Update 33

Release Date:
June 2019

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EMS for Microsoft Exchange

Ability to use EMS for Microsoft Exchange with EMS Room Sign App

As of Update 33, you can use EMS for Microsoft Exchange with the EMS Room Sign App. When EMS Room Sign App is used in conjunction with EMS for Microsoft Exchange, users can create and end bookings that have at least one Exchange mailbox tied to a room. These booking updates will then be pushed to Exchange, and the changes will show on the organizer's and room's Exchange calendars.

For more information on using EMS for Microsoft Exchange with EMS Room Sign App, see How EMS for Microsoft Exchange Works.

Internal Reference # EMS-5071, EMS-5068, EMS-5065, EMS-5062, EMS-5060, EMS-5058, EMS-5056, EMS-6086
(For Internal Use Only)

Installation and Permissions, Configuration Menu


EMS.Glance.dll moved to EMS Desktop Client installer and EMS Room Sign App configuration permission was added to user processes

Previously, the permission to configure EMS Room Sign App was controlled by the EMS.Glance.dll, which had to be manually installed on the computer of each user who needed permission. As of Update 33, the EMS.Glance.dll has been moved to the standard EMS Desktop Client installer package, and the permission to configure EMS Room Sign App is now granted by admins.

Admins can apply the permission for EMS Room Sign App configuration to users and user process templates in the EMS Desktop Client. To apply permissions, admins will need to add Allow EMS Room Sign Administration to the special processes table through System Administration > Security > Processes section > Special > Allow EMS Room Sign Administration.

  • With EMS Room Sign configuration permission, users can access settings through the EMS Glance Settings menu button in EMS Desktop Client. Additionally, users can access the settings for EMS Room Sign App through the Configuration menu: 

    • Configuration > Room Sign > Deregister Device

    • Configuration > Room Sign > Global Settings

    • Configuration > Room Sign > Profiles

    • Configuration > Room Sign > Refresh All Units

  • Without EMS Room Sign configuration permission, users do not see the EMS Glance Settings menu button, and users cannot access the EMS Room Sign App configuration settings through the menu button or the Configuration menu.


The Configuration menu items for EMS Room Sign App will only appear to a user if the following requirements are met: The user is a system admin or the user is a non-admin who is assigned to the configuration security process for EMS Room Sign App. The database has a license for EMS Room Sign App.

Internal Reference # EMS-727, EMS-731, and EMS-1048
(For Internal Use Only)

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