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Release Notes
V44.1, Update 4

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V44.1 Update 4

Release Date: 
September 19, 2016

Build #:




New Booking > Add Resources

Excluded Resources Allowed

When making a new reservation and adding resources, users were able to choose services that were excluded from the selected rooms. 

Fix: Enforced the excluded resources rule so that users cannot add services that are excluded for certain rooms. 

EMS Internal Reference # 22998

New Booking > Commit Date


"Commit Date" Message Persists After Clicking Commit Dates Option

When booking a space in EMS for Outlook and clicking the Commit Dates option, the message "Commit Date" presented persistently and prevented users from selecting different dates.

Fix: Changed the display so the message does not persist and users can change the date.

EMS Internal Reference # 22112

New Recurring Event

New Recurrent Meeting With Attendees Automatically Canceled

When booking a recurrent meeting using a single room and adding attendees in the To: field, an error occurred: "Reservation [###] has been canceled." 

Fix: Modified validations so the error no longer occurs and users can create this type of event.

Multiple Confirmation Emails Triggered by Changing Recurrence, Cancellation, and Conflicts in Recurrent Meetings

When changing the recurrence, canceling, or raising a conflict in a recurrent meeting, the same number of individual confirmation emails were generated for each change as there were occurrences.

Fix: Modified functionality so that only one confirmation email triggers for these types of changes. 

Conflicted Booking Shows on Calendar After "Proceed Without Alternative"

When booking a recurring meeting in conflict by clicking the Proceed without alternate option during the conflict resolution process, the blocking event still showed on the calendar.

Fix: Modified the calendar so that blocking events are canceled and removed from the calendar in this situation.

EMS Internal Reference #s:  23141, 22893, 23013

New Booking > Search for Space

Load Default Criteria Button Fails

When booking an event and searching for space, clicking the Load Default Criteria button, the wrong information appeared.

Fix: Removed the button.

EMS Internal Reference # 23043

View Reservation

Cancel and Edit Options Missing from View Reservation

When viewing a reservation, the Cancel and Edit options did not appear next to the reservation.

Fix: Modified the display so that the options show next to the reservation. Also, added a confirmation message for cancellations.

EMS Internal Reference # 22327

Email Notifications

Confirmation Formats for Outlook Meetings Do Not Match EMS Web App

Email confirmations were different when sent for a booking made in Outlook versus Web App when using the same booking template.

Fix: Modified Outlook notifications to match the format for EMS Web App.

EMS Internal Reference # 23227

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