EMS Web App Release Notes
V44.1, Update 4

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

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V44.1 Update 4

Release Date: 
September 19, 2016

Build #: 
44.1. 437.0




User Interface

Long Links in Left Menu Panel Cut Off

When users had defined menu options under the Links section of the left panel that were longer than 28 characters, they were cut off in the visual display.

Fix: Modified the display so that long menu options appear in full when the user hovers the mouse over them.

About Link Fails from Create a Reservation Page

Clicking the About link from the Create a Reservation page produced no results.

Fix: Modified the link to present the About page as designed.

Search Icon on Let Me Search for a Room Field Misaligned

The “magnifying glass” search icon was not lined up next to this field.

Fix: Modified the display so the icon and the field are horizontally aligned.


Log In

Apostrophe in User Name Prevents Login

Users who had an apostrophe in their user name could not log in (using LDAP or standard email and password) to the Web App.

Fix: Modified validations so that users with apostrophes in their names can log in successfully.

23142, 22398

New Booking

Unavailable Rooms Appeared Available in Schedule View

When booking a new event and browsing for space in Let Me Search for a Room, unavailable rooms appeared to be available and had the “+” option next to them in the Schedule view.

Fix: Modified the display so that selecting unavailable rooms in this situation presents clear messages to the user explaining why the room is not available.

Excluded Room Services Show As Available

When adding service orders to a room booking and the type of service was defined as excluded from that room, the service still appeared to be available for selection.

Fix: Modified the display to show when a resource type is excluded from a room so users cannot add it to the booking.

“Please Enter a Valid Time” Message Appears When Time is Valid

When booking a new event, a message appeared below the Start Time field even when the start time users entered was valid. The same message appeared when the user entered an invalid time and then changed it to a valid time.

Fix Modified the display so the message no longer appears when the Start Time is valid.

Drag and Drop Fails for Overnight Bookings

When users attempted to book space starting on one day and ending on the next (overnight) by dragging and dropping in the Reservation Book, the booking failed.

Fix: Modified validations to ensure that bookings succeed even when spanning midnight.

20839230542319923232, 12965

New Booking > Location

Location Options Unavailable when Let Me Search for a Room is Collapsed

When users collapsed the Let Me Search for a Room section, the Location area became unavailable.

Fix: Modified the display to enable the Location area even when the Let Me Search for a Room section is collapsed.


New Booking > Reservation Details > Billing Info

Default Billing and PO Info Overwritten

When adding a customer to a booking that had predefined billing and/or PO info and then switching to a second and third customer that had different default info defined, the default information in the Billing and PO fields (even if blank) was copied from one customer to another.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that default Billing Reference and PO info is properly updated when the user changes the customer in the Billing Info area.

Global Billing Validation Parameter Not Enforced

When booking with a template that had the global parameter set to require billing validation, users were able to enter invalid Billing Reference and PO values.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that the parameter is enforced and prevent users from entering invalid Billing Reference and PO values.


Edit Booking

Notify Attendees Popup Appears for Bookings Without Attendees

When editing a booking without attendees, the Notify Updated or All Attendees popup incorrectly presented.

Fix: Modified functionality so that this popup does not appear for booking edits without attendees.


Booking Details

Location Missing for Single Bookings (No Services)

When viewing booking details for a single booking with no services, the Location information was missing.

Fix: Modified the display to show the Location field.


Browse Events

Event Times Showing as Reserved Times

When events had reserved times that started and/or ended longer than event times, the reserved times showed in Browse Events.

Fix: Modified the display to show the Event times rather than the reserved times.

Bookings Under 5 Minutes from Start/End of Day Show as “invaliddate” on Browse Events

Bookings that had start or end times under five minutes from the start or end of the day showed on Browse Events as “invaliddate.”

Fix: Modified the display to properly show the start and end times for these events.


Outlook® File Attachments

File Attachments Section Displays Although Option is Disabled

When file attachments were disabled for Outlook meetings, the Attach Files section in Booking Details still displayed. 

Fix: Modified the display so the Attach Files section no longer appears when the option is disabled.


My Events

Yesterday's Events Listed for Today

When users navigated to the Day tab on My Events > Bookings and clicked Next, then Today, the list showed yesterday's events.

Fix: Modified the display to show today's events as designed.


Edit Video Conference Reservation

Changing Video Conference Reservation Host Cancels All Bookings

When changing the host room for a reservation where the Include Canceled Bookings option was selected, all bookings were incorrectly canceled.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that users can change the video conference host when the Include Canceled Bookings option is selected without canceling all bookings.


User Defined Fields

Required Fields Show Default Values Instead of User Entered Values

When booking a meeting using a template that had child User Defined Fields that were required, their default values displayed and overwrote user-entered values.

Fix: Modified the display to show user-entered values in these fields.


Cancel Recurrent Booking

Canceling One Booking Cancels Entire Occurrence

When canceling a single meeting location in a recurrent reservation with multiple locations, all location bookings for that recurrent meeting were canceled.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that users can cancel one location without affecting other location bookings in a recurrent reservation.


New Recurrent Booking

Recurrent Booking Search Not Filtering Matching Rooms

When users booked a recurrent meeting using the I Know What Room I Want search function and no rooms matched the entire recurrence pattern, they were able to select a room but could not advance past the Rooms & Attendees screen due to validations requiring them to Skip Remaining Occurences.

Fix: Modified the display for I Know What Room I want to only display rooms that matched the entire recurrence pattern.

Random Recurrence Pattern Causes Invalid Date Error

When booking a recurrent meeting using a template that allowed for Random Recurrence, the Start and End times showed as “Invalid” dates in the Date & Time section and users could not edit the recurrence.

Fix: Modified validations to allow for random recurrences so the error no longer presents, and ensure that the Recurrence button allows users to edit the pattern.


Check In 

Check-In Allowed After No-Show Cutoff

Users were able to check in to events by clicking the Check In link from the invitation emails after they had passed the no-show cutoff time.

Fix: Modified validations so that users cannot check in to meetings after they have been changed to no-show or canceled status. 


Edit Outlook© Meeting

Changing Date or Time for Outlook© Meeting Causes Error

Changing the date and time for an Outlook© Meeting caused the following error:

"Booking failed to update. Another user might have changed the location or taken its location."

Fix: Modified validations to allow the edit without error as designed.

Edit and Cancel Icons Unavailable When Resolving Multiple Conflicts for Outlook© Meeting

Editing a recurrent booking on the Manage Reservations page to resolved conflicts caused the Edit and Cancel icons to disappear after resolving the first conflict.

Fix: Modified the display to ensure that the buttons remain available as designed until all conflicts have been resolved.

Canceling Occurrence Causes Error

In the above scenario, after canceling individual bookings from the Reservation Summary page caused the error:

“Index must be within the bounds of the List”

Fix: Modified validations to allow successful cancelations.

Edit Option Inconsistently Available for Multi-Room Event on Manage Bookings Page

The Edit button did not consistently appear on the Manage Bookings page for multi-room recurrent events.

Fix: Modified the page so that the Edit button appears consistently on the Manage Bookings page and the Booking Details popup.


Mobile Web App > Edit Booking

Editing Bookings Subtracts 5 Hours from Original Event Time

When users edited booking start times on the mobile WebApp, the original event time was automatically changed to 5 hours earlier.

Fix: Modified validations so that the error no longer occurs.


Mobile Web App > My Account > Personalization > Templates

Add/Remove Location Popup Fails

Clicking the Add/Remove Location option when editing a personalized template failed to product the Add/Remove Location popup.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that the popup presents as designed.

Changing Reservation Name Fails

Editing the Reservation name for a personalized template was not saved.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that these edits are saved as designed.


Mobile Web App (Android Only): New Booking > Room Search

Repeated Clicks on Room Information Icon Causes App to Hang

When booking a new room and repeatedly clicking the Information icon next to a selected room, the display did not present the appropriate popup and users had to reload their browsers to proceed.

Fix: Modified the display so that when users click on the icon multiple times, the appropriate popup appears. 


Mobile Web App (Android only): New Booking

Room Search Criteria Not Observed

When booking a room via the Let Me Search for a Room feature and specifying Features, Setup Types, or Floors in the search, results did not match the criteria.

Fix: Modified the search to ensure that searches adhere to criteria for Features, Setup Types, and Floors on mobile Android devices.


Mobile Web App (Android only): Guest Request a Room

Guest Room Request Screens Missing Create Request and Next Step Buttons, Search for Room, and Location

When requesting a room as an unauthenticated guest on Android devices, the Create Request and Next Step buttons were missing. Additionally, the Search for a Room and Location options were unavailable.

Fix: Modified the display so these buttons and options are available as designed for guest users on Android devices.


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