EMS Web App Release Notes
V44.1 Update 6.1

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

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V44.1 Update 6.1

Release Date: 
October 21, 2016

Patch: 2016.10.21.0

Build #:  44.1.272




Sign Out

Sign Out Unavailable with Integrated Authentication

On systems that used SSO and Portal Authentication, the sign out option was not present, so users were unable to sign out unless they close the browser.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the sign out option is now available for all authentication methods. 


New Reservation > Room Request >Service Only

User-Defined Fields Reset in Error

When users booked a service-only recurrent meeting that had User-Defined Fields (UDFs) and proceeded to the Reservation Details tab, their entries in the UDFs were reset and they were incorrectly prompted to complete the required fields.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users' UDF entries are not reset and the error no longer occurs. 


Recurrent Service Only Booking Causes Error

When users booked a service-only recurrent meeting, the error "At least one Rooms is required in the Service Availability tab" presented and prevented users from completing the booking.

Fix: Modified validations to ensure that users can now book a recurrent service-only meeting. 


Browse Locations

Next and Previous Buttons Show "Invalid date"

When browsing locations and filtering by date, date entries of one digit (such as 01/11/2016) caused the Next and Previous buttons to display as "Invalid date" and filtering by location or feature caused the error, "Internal Server Error."

Fix: Modified the buttons to display Next and Previous as expected. 


User Interface

Symbols Display Incorrectly on Hover

Building names that had special characters displayed incorrectly when users hovered over them in the calendar view using the mouse. 

Fix: Modified the display so that special characters display correctly on hover. 


Room Search Results Ahead One Hour in Calendar View

When searching for space using Let Me Search for a Room, the calendar view showed the booking as one hour later than specified.

Fix: Modified the calendar display to show times correctly. 


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