EMS Desktop Client Release Notes (Conventional Client & Web Deployment)
V44.1 Update 6

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

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Name: V44.1 Update 6

Release Date: October 18, 2016

Patch #:  2016.10.18.0

Build #: 44.1.271




Time Zones

Update to Remove Daylight Savings Time from Turkish Time Zones

Modified time zone definitions throughout EMS to account for the Turkish government's decision to no longer observe Daylight Savings Time.





Configuration > Everyday User Applications > Everyday Users

Filtering By Both City and Process Template Fails

When searching for Everyday Users, with the "Everyday Users linked to Groups via External Reference" parameter turned on, filtering results by both City and Process Template returned a list of all records.

Fix: Modified the list to filter correctly.


Create New Everyday User: Error Message Uses Old Language

If a duplicate new everyday user was entered, the error message "Web User Already Exists" displayed, which used old terminology.

Fix: Modified the error message to read "Everyday User already exists" to align with new naming conventions.


Configuration > Facilities  > Rooms

Non-Admin Users Unable to Set Room Request/Reserve Preferences on Booking Templates

When non-administrative users configured rooms, the Web Process Template tab was unavailable.

Fix: Modified the Room Configuration page to enable the Web Process Template tab when expected.


Dashboard > Notifications

Dashboard Indicator Stays Incorrectly Red for Event Coordinators

When Event Coordinator users were removed from a Notification Rule, the flashing indicator on their dashboard remained red although there was no notification on the dashboard.

Fix: Modified the dashboard indicator to accurately reflect the latest changes to Event Coordinators' notification rules. 


Edit Reservation > Add Video Conference Meeting

Host Selection Not Required for New Video Conference Bookings

When users added a new video conference booking to an existing reservation, they were not prompted to add a host, therefore the booking did not show on EMS Web App.

Fix: Modified validations to enforce host selection when booking is a video conference.



Attendee Name Not Shown in Check-In Notification Subject Line

When attendees checked in to events and this triggered notifications, the subject line did not show the attendee name.

Fix: Modified notifications so that the attendee name shows in the subject line as expected. 


Campus > Tools > Wizard > Delete Items

Error Occurs Incorrectly When Deleting Service

When users deleted services from rooms using the Delete Items wizard, an error presented although the deletion was successful. 

Fix: Modified the display so the error does not present when deletion is successful. 


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