EMS Mobile App Release Notes (Mobile API, IPA/APK)
V44.1, Update 6

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

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V44.1 Update 6 Release Date: 
October 18, 2016
Build #:

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Log In

Set Time Period for Authentication

In order to enable Administrators to set a defined time period in days for users' log-ins to persist, added a configuration parameter, "Number of days to persist login on mobile app" (MOBILE_NumberofDays ). When set to 0, behavior remains governed by "Number of minutes to remember login on the mobile app." When set to any number of days, the user must sign out or the application must crash in order to begin a new session during that time period.

Related Fixes: Renamed parameter, "Number of minutes to remember login on the mobile app" (MOBILE_MinutesToRememberLogin) to "Inactivity period in minutes before auto logout from mobile app." Removed parameter, "Number of days to remember login on mobile app" (MOBILE_DaysToRememberLogin) as this new parameter replaces it.

Automatically Log Users Out When User Configuration Changes

In order to enable Administrators to update user profiles with the latest changes, added functionality so that users are automatically logged out whenever the following types of changes are made to their configuration:

  • Number or type of process templates and security templates.
  • Any updates to user information including email, username, time zone, external reference, or network ID.




Log In > iOS 10

Connection Fails on iOS 10

Users were unable to log in to EMS Mobile App via iOS 10.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can now log in via iOS 10.

Android Devices > Log In

Two Factor Authentication Bypassed on Android Devices

When users logged in using two-factor authentication on Android devices, they were able to bypass it by clicking the back key to exit the authentication prompt.

Fix: Modified authentication so that users are not logged in until the second factor has been completed.

Browse Events in List View


List Fails to Refresh When Advancing To Previous Or Next Day

When users browsed the events calendar in list view and clicked on the previous or next day in the top menu bar, the list view failed to refresh and show the selected day's events.

Fix: Modified the display to refresh and show the selected day's events.


Geolocation Causes Slow Processing

When users turned on geolocation to find the nearest buildings during the booking process, performance was slow.

Fix: Modified functionality to use the cached location, start the location search earlier in the process, or show a “Waiting” indicator.

QR Codes

Scanning QR Codes Causes Error

When users scanned QR codes, the following error occurred: "There was an error reading the QR code."

Fix: Modified parameter presets to ensure that QR codes point correctly to URLs and the error no longer occurs.

Cancel Meeting

Canceling Outlook Meeting Causes Error

When users canceled meetings that had been booked in EMS Web App with Exchange-enabled booking templates, an error occurred.

Fix: Modified Exchange Integration to ensure that cancellations can be completed without errors.

Add Contacts

Display Issues for Contact Fields

When users created a reservation using a template with pre-defined contacts, and then changed the 1st Contact by searching by name, no search results presented and the search results display was cut off. Additionally, if the user had more than one default primary contact defined, the 1st Contact field was not auto-populated and the searching for one produced “There are no matching search results."

Fix: Modified the display so that the search results present as expected in full-screen size. Also resolved validations for users with more than one default primary contact so that the 1st Contact auto-populates with that user's name and clicking the Search icon produces search results as expected.

Invite Attendee

Keyboard Search Key Causes Error

When users added attendees to an event and used the Search key on their mobile device keyboard, the error "Invalid Email" occurred.

Fix: Modified the display to present the expected search results.

Edit Reservation

Back Button on Edit Reservation Page Causes Crash

Clicking the Back button twice while editing a reservation caused the application to crash.

Fix: Modified the display so the crash no longer occurs and clicking the Back button returns users to the Home page.

Change to Building/Room Combo Not Saved

When users edited a reservation to change both the building and the room, the edit was not saved.

Fix: Modified validations to ensure that these changes are saved as expected.

User Defined Fields

User Defined Fields With Long Titles Overlap

When creating a reservation with any template containing UDFs, those fields with longer names stacked one on top of the other making them illegible.

Fix: Modified the display so that these fields do not overlap.

Booking Templates

Booking Templates Not Clickable, Cut Off

The titles of booking templates were not clickable during the new booking workflow, and long template names were cut off.

Fix: Modified the display so that clicking on a template title produces a new screen with more information about the template.

Templates Named Incorrectly

When browsing by location, opening a room, and then starting a new reservation, booking templates were listed with incorrect names (showing Room data and "ID").

Fix: Modified the display to show booking templates by their title as designed.

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