EMS Desktop Client -- Academic Planning
Release Notes
V44.1 Update 7

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V44.1 Update 7

Release Date: December 6, 2016

Patch:  2016.12.05.0

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Publish Courses

Cross-Listed Courses Missing Info, Slow Performance

When users published a term that included cross-listed courses, conflict handling caused slow performance, errors, and the courses were missing course dates.

Fix: Modified conflict handling so that data is published efficiently and the issues no longer occur.

EMS Internal Reference # 24544
(For Internal Use Only)

Academic Browser

SIS Caused Duplicate Courses

Due to syncing issues for section changes over SIS, switching section numbers for two courses resulted in duplicating both courses in the Academic Browser. 

Fix: Modified synchronization to correctly process the switched section numbers without duplicating the courses.

EMS Internal Reference # 18103
(For Internal Use Only)

Academic Book

Instructor View of Courses Unavailable When Listing All Subjects

When users navigated to the course view for a specific instructor and included all subjects, the view was empty.

Fix: Modified the view to show all courses for an instructor in all subjects as expected.

EMS Internal Reference # 21914
(For Internal Use Only)


Canceling One Meeting Pattern Updates Course Status Incorrectly

When users canceled one meeting pattern for a published term that had more than one meeting pattern, the reservation status incorrectly changed to Canceled.

Fix: Modified validations so the reservation status remains Confirmed as long as one confirmed meeting pattern exists in the course.

EMS Internal Reference # 22977
(For Internal Use Only)

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