EMS Desktop Client Release Notes
V44.1 Update 7

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

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Name: V44.1 Update 7

Release Date: December 6, 2016

Patch: 2016.12.05.0

Build #:




SQL Server

Add Support for SQL Server SP3

24174; see also EMS V44.1 System Requirements

Manage Services

Show Reservation ID Field on Manage Services Browser Window

Added the Reservation ID field to the Manage Services page.






Database Slowness

Browsing on VEMS had very slow performance and timed out due to two stored procedures:  vems_ReservationSummary_LoadData and ems_RES_UserDefinedFields. 

Fix: Modified the stored procedures so that users no longer experience slow performance. 


System Updates

API URL Absent After Auto-Updating Web Deploy Client

When upgrading from V44 to V44.1 via auto-update web deploy, on the first launch of the application, users were prompted to enter their EMS server and database name, and the API URL from the original install was not preserved.

Fix: Modified auto-update to carry over the API URL from the previous installation so that users are not prompted for server or database name.



Custom Log Out URL Unavailable

The Sign Out option was unavailable on EMS Web App for customers who wished to override the default LogOut.aspx link with their own URL.

Fix: Modified validations to ensure that users can assign a custom URL for the Sign Out button on the EMS Web App.


Reservation Book

User Access for Combo Rooms Not Observed

Bookings for combo rooms and their components did not display as intended when users did not have access to combo rooms but did have access to component rooms: the Reservation Book displayed the booking to these users as if it were in one of the component rooms in the combo when it should have displayed as being in all the component rooms for which the users had been assigned access.

Fix: Modified validations to ensure that users who do not have access to combo rooms will see the booking in the appropriate component rooms in the Reservation Book. Additionally, modified the display so that these users can see when combo and component rooms are blocked. 


Room Wizard

Date and Time Field Entries Overridden on Room Wizard

When users added a new booking to a video conference reservation with multiple occurrences, and entered a date and time before choosing a room, the date and time fields did not carry over their date and time entries into the Room Wizard.

Fix: Modified the fields to check for user entries earlier in the workflow so the users do not have to re-enter them on the Room Wizard.


Video Conferences

Host Location Field Showed for Video Conferences With Two or More Hosts

When editing a video conference reservation, the Host Location field displayed in error. 

Fix: Modified the field so that it does not display when the video conference has two or more hosts. 



Error Running Query Builder When Used With Web Deploy Service

When users ran reports on Reports>Queries>Query Builder on systems that used EMS via Web Deploy, an SQL Connection Error occurred.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that reports run without issue.


Time Zones

GMT Offset Incorrect for Moscow Time Zone

The GMT offset was incorrectly calculated as 240 minutes for the Moscow time zone. 

Fix: Modified the time zone table to calculate the offset for 180 minutes.


Patch Installation

Patch for EMS Professional Caused Error

Running the update patch for EMS Professional via System Administration > Database > Install Patch caused the error, "Patch is invalid. Patch is a different Server Version."

Fix: Modified the DLL so that the EMS Professional patch runs without error as expected.



Notifications Not Triggered for Date/Time, Status, or Room Changes

When users changed dates or times, status, or room for events that had notification rules to email participants such as event coordinators, and there were additional notification rules for the events set to monitor other status changes, the date/time change notifications did not occur.

Fix: Modified validations to ensure that notifications are sent to participants as expected.


No-Show and Cancellation Notifications Triggered at Incorrect Time

When a booking had a no-show or cancellation notification rule set to trigger at five minutes before the event time, the notices fired incorrectly at five minutes before the reserved or setup time.

Fix: Modified validations so that notices fire based on the event time for these notification rules. 



Resources From Setup Worksheet Out of Order

When users used a setup worksheet to add resources to bookings, they were listed in the wrong order and groupings.

Fix: Modified import sequence for setup worksheet so that resources now show in chronological and category groupings.


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