EMS Glance Release Notes
V44.1, Update 7

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Name: V44.1 Update 7

Release Date: December 6, 2016

Patch: 2016.12.05.0

Build #:



There is a known iOS issue where homelinks on iPads (i.e., a full screen Safari browser page that is saved as an app) do not always clear their cache even if you do so manually. This issue may cause some of your devices to have errors. If you experience this issue, you should upgrade Glance (see Update 8).


Glance can run across all EMS versions. You can therefore just update the Glance application without upgrading all of EMS.




ArmorActive Enclosure

LED Colors Stayed Orange for Checked-In And Canceled Meetings on ArmorActive Enclosure 

When users checked into a meeting that was then canceled, the LEDs on the enclosure stayed orange.

Fix: Modified commands to the ArmorActive display so that when a meeting is canceled (regardless of check-in), LEDs turn red. 

Internal Reference # 24347
(For EMS Internal Use  Only)

Edit Reservation

Cross-listed Combo Rooms Showed As Private

When private academic courses were in combo rooms and cross-listed with other courses, they showed as "Private Meeting" when the event names should have shown in the list.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the event names now show in the list of courses and the events no longer behave as if they are private.


Patch (above) required.  

Internal Reference # 23867
(For EMS Internal Use  Only)

New Reservation

Automatic No-Show Incorrectly Triggered for Some Bookings

When users booked events in Glance that had no-show notifications turned on, due to a lag in saving to the database and updating Glance, some events triggered an automatic no-show status.

Fix: Modified the API so that these events update the database more efficiently and the events no longer trigger an inappropriate no-show status.

Internal Reference # 23640
(For EMS Internal Use  Only)

"Allow Future Same Day Bookings" Parameter Not Observed

When this parameter was set to No, users were still able to book future same-day bookings by double-clicking on the desired time slots on the calendar grid.

Fix:  Modified the display so that this parameter is enforced when it is set to No, clicking on the grid does not allow users to book future events.

Internal Reference # 24505
(For EMS Internal Use  Only)


Web Traffic Security Vulnerabilities

The web application sent non-secure user and session information (cookies) during encrypted (SSL) sessions, exposing vulnerable information.

Fix: Added ANtiForgery validation to all Ajax HttpPost calls and added verb tampering redirection to prevent non-HTTP or Get calls being made to Glance so web traffic no longer exposes user and session information.

Internal Reference # 23980
(For EMS Internal Use  Only)

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