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V44.1 Update 7 (x64 or x86)

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This release requires that users run Microsoft® Outlook in cached mode.

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Name: V44.1 Update 7

Release Date: December 6, 2016

Patch: 2016.12.05.0

Build #:  44.1.2000.1040




Edit Reservation

Refine Calendar Sync Between Outlook, EMS for Outlook, and EMS Desktop Client

Enhanced how changes to meeting dates are reflected in EMS for Outlook and EMS Desktop Client so that changes only show in the Microsoft® Outlook and EMS Desktop Client calendars once the user has finished making changes and closed the EMS for Outlook add-in window.

EMS Internal Reference # 24704




Search for Space

Keyword Search Returns Bad Matches

When searching for a room using the keyword field, search results included items that did not match the keyword enough and were confusing, and the text "The search result failed to match against any part of the entered search items" or "The search result had a ##% match against the entered items" appeared below each item.

Fix: Refined search functionality so that results only include matching room names (case-insensitive), best matches are listed at the top, and very partial matches are excluded.

EMS Internal Reference # 23693

Buildings Deleted From EMS Desktop Client Still Display in EMS for Outlook

When a building was deleted in EMS Desktop Client, it still appeared in the dropdown list when users searched for space in EMS for Outlook.

Fix: Modified validations to ensure that deleting buildings in EMS Desktop Client immediately updates EMS for Outlook.

EMS Internal Reference # 23707

"Number of available rooms on search" Parameter Enforced Incorrectly

When users searched for rooms and this parameter was in force, search results in EMS for Outlook were incorrectly limited to the parameter setting when that should have been ignored for this application.

Fix: Modified validations so that the parameter is only honored for EMS Web App and EMS Mobile App, but it is ignored for EMS for Outlook.

EMS Internal Reference #  23296


Rescheduling Recurrent Meetings Not Reflected as Canceled on Calendar

When users rescheduled the times for recurrent meetings such that some instances were effectively canceled, these meetings remained on the Outlook calendar.

Fix: Modified functionality so that recurrent instances are canceled and removed from the calendar appropriately when meeting times change.

EMS Internal Reference # 23857

Cancellations Not Deleted From EMS Desktop Client

When users upgraded from EMS V44 to V44.1 and deleted meetings from the Outlook calendar, these did not show as canceled in EMS Desktop Client. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that after upgrade, canceled meetings also display as canceled in EMS Desktop Client.

EMS Internal Reference # 22900


Confirmations Triggered Incorrectly

Confirmations sent from Outlook showed multiple issues for some booking templates:

  • Only reservations with services triggered them
  • Confirmations triggered when the user opened but did not change the reservation
  • Invitations were sent when the user did not click the Send button.

Fix: Modified confirmation behavior so that they only trigger when the user clicks the Send or Save and Close button and the reservation is new or the status, room, or category has been changed. 

EMS Internal Reference #s: 23095, 23815

Currency Symbol Displayed Incorrectly in Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails containing financial information in Pounds Sterling did not display correctly. 

Fix: Modified the currency symbol to properly display in notifications for Pounds Sterling.

EMS Internal Reference # 22963


Default Service Type Not Enforced

When users booked an event using a template that had a default Service Type, the default did not show in Outlook.

Fix: Modified the display so that the Service Type field uses the default value.

EMS Internal Reference # 23698

Changes to Service Categories Not Reflected in EMS for Outlook

When edits were made to the following service category settings in EMS Desktop Client, these changes were not reflected in EMS for Outlook:

  • when the category was set to active or inactive
  • when the category was assigned or un-assigned for Outlook (Everyday) users
  • when the "Allow Add On Weekend" option for the category was selected or de-selected

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that the above changes to categories update in EMS for Outlook when the user restarts Outlook.

EMS Internal Reference # 237022393923703

Building Change Not Validated Against Services

When users changed a reservation to a different building, services that were not assigned to that building were allowed with the reservation.

Fix: Modified validations so that when the services are validated against the new building. 

EMS Internal Reference # 23694

Services Saved In Error

When users added services to a reservation, clicked Order, and then backed out of adding services by clicking the Close (X) button for the service category window and the Close (X) button for the Choose Destination window, the services were still added to the reservation.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that services do not save with the reservation unless the user clicks the final OK button and specifies a room for delivery. 

EMS Internal Reference #  23504

Notes Not Saved

When users entered special instruction notes for a service and saved and closed the reservation, these notes were not saved or displayed when they re-opened the reservation.

Fix: Modified functionality so that service notes are saved and displayed on the reservation.

EMS Internal Reference # 22328

"Adjust Service Order Times upon Booking Edit" Parameter Not Enforced

When this parameter was set to Yes, and users edited times on a booking, service order times were not automatically adjusted as designed.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the parameter is enforced as designed and service order times are adjusted by the same amount as the meeting time. 

EMS Internal Reference # 23875


Canceling Out of Billing Information Window Caused Error

When users booked a meeting and during the process of adding Services to a room, clicked the Cancel button on the Billing Reference information window, the error "The reservation window has been closed due to an error caused by a loaded component" occurred.

Fix: Modified validations so that clicking the Cancel button when adding billing information no longer causes the error.

EMS Internal Reference # 23505

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Rooms Show as Available

When users resolved booking conflicts for recurring meetings, the room that caused the conflict showed as available on the Resolve Conflict window. 

Fix: Modified validations so that rooms that caused conflicts do no show in the list of available alternative rooms. 

EMS Internal Reference # 23149

Room Capacity Incorrect

When users resolved booking conflicts between several individual single-day bookings by changing the room on one of the bookings, the Room Capacity value from the previously selected room remained.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the Room Capacity is updated when the user switches rooms. 

EMS Internal Reference # 23297

New Reservation

Meeting Hosts Display Incorrectly

When users booked an Outlook meeting using a template that should have only displayed meeting hosts assigned to the user, the Host field included additional hosts in the dropdown list.

Fix: Modified validations so that the Host field only displays hosts that are assigned to the user.

EMS Internal Reference # 23826

Edit Reservation

Edits to Invoiced Bookings Improperly Messaged

When users edited a booking that had been invoiced, error messages did not appear to warn them that such changes were not allowed or saved. They were able to delete the room and a confirmation was sent, although the meeting was not canceled. 

Fix: Modified the workflow to prevent users from changing or canceling invoiced reservations, and added warning messages which will appear when users attempt to edit invoiced reservations.

EMS Internal Reference # 21899

Changes to Event Name Not Reflected in EMS Web App and EMS Desktop Client

When users changed the name of an event or booking, the edit did not show in EMS Web App and EMS Desktop Client.

Fix: Modified functionality so that name changes for events and bookings update  EMS Web App and EMS Desktop Client.

EMS Internal Reference # 24314

Cannot Add Rooms to Recurring Meetings 

When users edited a recurring reservation and removed a room and attempted to add another room, they received an error message stating that they could not add a room to an event in the past.

Fix: Modified validations so that users can add and remove rooms to recurring events without receiving the error message.

EMS Internal Reference # 23527

Meeting Details Fields Not Editable

Users were unable to change values for meeting detail fields such as Group, Event Type, and User Defined Fields after a reservation had been saved in the EMS for Outlook add-in.

Fix: Modified these fields so users can now change them after saving a reservation in EMS for Outlook.

EMS Internal Reference # 23797


Slowness Closing EMS for Outlook Add-In or Saving Reservations

Exchange Web Services (EWS) caused the Save & Close operation to hang; the status "Verifying Updates" spun for too long.

Fix: Modified interactions with EWS so that performance for Save & Close is consistently less than two seconds.

EMS Internal Reference # 23730

Slowness and Crash in Non-Cached Mode

When users had their Microsoft Outlook application running in non-cached mode, they experienced slow performance and application crashes.

Fix: Added an error message to warn users that EMS for Outlook requires that Outlook run in cached mode. 

EMS Internal Reference # 23744

Note: EMS for Outlook requires Outlook to run in cached mode. The add-in makes frequent calls as users click through the Outlook interface. In cached mode, over 95% of those calls end at the local Outlook cache file. If cached mode is disabled, however, those calls end at Exchange and the frequency of calls can cause performance issues. The add-in will therefore become inactive if Outlook is not in cached mode, and users will receive a message to this effect.


Area Not Available as Template Default for Building

When users used a booking template that had an area set as the default building, it did not show as selected in EMS for Outlook.

Fix: Modified validations so that when an area is set as the default building for a booking template, it loads as selected in EMS for Outlook.

EMS Internal Reference # 23718

Default Template Settings Not Enforced

When the following default settings for a booking template were edited, these default settings did not show to the user during the booking process.

  • floors
  • room types
  • event types
  • setup types

Fix: Modified validations so that the default settings display to users during the booking process for these templates, under the following conditions:

  • associated parameters for that setting is enabled (such as the "Show Floor Filter" parameter)
  • the user sets personalization to use favorite floors, room types, and/or event types
  • space is available for the selected floors, room types, and event types

EMS Internal Reference # 23793237942379823801


Edits to Child Field User Defined Fields Not Saved

When users edited multiple-choice child UDF fields and clicked Save & Close, their changes were not saved.

Fix: Modified functionality so that edits to these fields are saved as expected. 

EMS Internal Reference # 22951

Required User Defined Fields Display Default Values In Error

When users booked meetings using a template that had required UDFs, these fields incorrectly displayed default values.

Fix: Modified the fields to not show default values to users when required for the booking template.

EMS Internal Reference # 22926

"Text to display under icon in EMS for Outlook" Parameter Not Enforced

When users had set custom text to display under the EMS for Outlook application icon, the setting did not also show on the EMS for Outlook button on an Outlook "Appointment" window.  

Fix: Modified the button to reflect this parameter setting. When no custom text is set, the button reads "Book a Space."

EMS Internal Reference # 24730

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