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V44.1 Update 8

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V44.1 Update 8

Release Date: January 31, 2017

Patch: 2016.12.12.0

Build #:  44.1.291




Time Zone

Time Zone and Daylight Savings Time Updates

Updated time zones to reflect new decisions by those cities to use their own time zones, or to not observe DST: Baku, Casablanca, Haiti, and Easter Island.

25516, 25514





EMS Web App Login URL Not Editable

Users were unable to set an override URL for EMS Web App log in from the EMS Desktop Client on the Web App Menu.

Fix: Modified the Link field to be editable.


Reservation Book

Slow Performance Loading Room Info Page

When users clicked on a room in the Book, they experienced long wait times while the page loaded.
Fix:  Streamlined processing so that the page loads quickly as expected.


Room Wizard

No-Show Notification Rule Outdated

When users set up rooms in the wizard, this outdated rule presented incorrectly.

Fix: Replaced the rule with the current "Check-In Notification Rules" option.


Edit Booking

Wizard Does Not List Bookings for Reservations With Multiple Locations

When editing a reservation that has multiple bookings and multiple locations, the Reservation Wizard did not list the bookings so users could not change rooms. If users canceled a booking, then the Wizard only listed canceled bookings.
Fix: Modified the display to show bookings so users can edit the rooms in the Wizard.


Error When Editing Date/Time for Multi-Location Exchange Web Booking

When editing the time or date of a booking on a multi-location, Exchange-enabled reservation that had been created in EMS Web App, the error "Cannot find stored Procedure:ems_RES_GETPAMLocations" occurred.

Fix: Restored the missing stored procedure so that the error does not occur.

12966 split to 8b 25524

Video Conferences

VIP Checkbox De-Selected

When booking a video conference and checking the VIP option before specifying a Meeting Host, the check box cleared itself.

Fix: Modified validations the check box remains checked when specifying a Meeting Host.




Daily Query Included Tomorrow's Bookings

When users ran a daily query report that included Booking Event Start and Booking End Display Fields, the report included both the day it ran for and some of the next day's bookings.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the report includes only data for the day reported.

25306, 25401

Automated Reports Option Absent From Main Menu

This menu option was not available under Reports > Automated Report Delivery.

Fix: Modified the display to show the Automated Reports option on the right side of the main menu under Reports > Automated Report Delivery. 


Group Distribution Lists Skipped

Automated reports incorrectly excluded group email lists when the user did not manually enter them.

Fix: Modified the service to search and find distribution lists by name.



Notifications Not Triggered For Changed or Deleted Service Orders

When users created, changed, or canceled a service order that had a notification rule to only send an email (without posting to the dashboard) for changes to services, notifications did not occur.

Fix: Modified functionality so that notices now generate as expected.

24379, 25441 (split to 8B 25579)

Check-In Notification Rules Changed Incorrectly

When users configured check-in notifications to occur a number of minutes before the Booking Event Start Time, the setting was changed incorrectly to occur "After" the start time during save and the setting could not be changed.

Fix: Modified the field to ensure that it saves the users' selection.


A4 Paper Size Not Observed

When users chose A4 paper size for confirmations on booking templates, the value was incorrectly re-set to Letter.

Fix: Modified the Paper Size field to observe users' selections.


Confirmations Misaligned

When users initiated confirmation messages in HTML format, the messages and printed invoices were misaligned.

Fix: Modified confirmations to properly span the entire page.



Hourly Minimum Price Calculated Incorrectly

When hourly resources had a minimum hourly rate, the amount was not correctly calculated during the process of adding them to bookings.

Fix: Modified validations to properly set and calculate the minimum price. 

18491, 25559

Categories on Setup Worksheet Duplicated

When users used a setup worksheet to generate a report that sorted "by date by reserved time", categories were duplicated when they had separate services.

Fix: Modified import sequence for setup worksheet so that resources now show in chronological and category groupings that do no duplicate for each service.

23177, 25512

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