EMS Glance Release Notes
V44.1 Update 8

This section describes updates to your EMS software.  

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There is a known iOS issue where homelinks on iPads (i.e. a full screen Safari browser page that is saved as an app) do not always clear their cache even if you do so manually. This issue may cause some of your devices to have errors. If you see an error, please close Glance on the iPad and re-open it using the homelink.

Name: V44.1 Update 8

Release Date: January 31, 2017


Build #:  12017.1.13.1




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Support Windows Authentication

Modified the EMS Glance API to use Windows Authentication instead of EMSUser account.

Internal Reference # 25645
(For EMS Internal Reference Only)





Upgrading Glance Caused Error For Home Links on iPad

When users upgraded from older versions of EMS Glance on iPads, and they had set the application as a favorite on their Home screen, the link caused an error.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users' Home links to Glance continue to function. 

Internal Reference # 26224
(For EMS Internal Reference Only)

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