EMS Kiosk
Release Notes
V44.1 Update 8

This section describes updates to your EMS software.  

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V44.1 Update 8

Release Date: January 31, 2017

Patch:  2016.12.12.0

Build #:   44.1.290




Check In

Streamline Meeting Checkin

Modified functionality to streamline user actions when logging into EMS Kiosk and checking into meetings. Now, when users swipe a badge or otherwise log into the application, they are taken directly to a list of their events; if they have an upcoming meeting within the check-in time frame in a room that requires check-in, they are automatically checked in. Additionally, when users create a meeting from the Check In window, they are automatically checked into the meeting.

24823 and 24690

New Booking

Enable Meeting Duration To Be Set By Number of Hours or Specific Time

Created two new parameters, "Booking Duration Set by Specific End Time or Number of Hours" and "Number of Hours for Booking," to enable administrators to set parameters for Kiosk so that users can specify meeting duration by number of hours rather than by a specific end time. 





Logging Out

Backspace Reverted User Logout

After a user logs out of Kiosk, the next user can still operate under his or her account by clicking the Back Button.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that once a user logs out, clicking back takes the user to the default Kiosk log in page.


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