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V44.1 Update 8

This section describes updates to your EMS software. For a summary of new features introduced with this release, click here.

V44.1 Update 8

Release Date: January 31, 2017

Patch: 2016.12.12.0

Build #:  44.1.8000.1443

Exchange Integration Build#: 44.1.8000.64 

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Search for Space

Sort Rooms On Schedule View By Book Sequence, List View By Availability

Enhanced the room search workflow on the List (available rooms) and Schedule (all rooms) tabs so that the results on the List tab are sorted by Book Sequence, and on the Schedule tab, they are sorted by availability.

EMS Internal Reference # 25998

Keep Room List Resize Settings

Optimized the room search schedule (grid) display so that when a user searches for a room and resizes the width of the room list, this setting is saved and does not resize every time it refreshes. Double-clicking the bar will reset the grid to auto-size mode.

EMS Internal Reference # 25878


Enhance Room Search Filters, Add Favorites

Enhanced the entire user interface that appears when users filter rooms shown on the List (available rooms) and Schedule (all rooms) tabs during the booking process, and added a checkbox to enable them to filter search results by their preset Favorite rooms.

EMS Internal Reference # 25975


Rename Field Labels

Renamed field labels to improve usability as follows:

  • Old > New
  • Select Process > Select Template 
  • Grid > Schedule
  • Selected (#) > Selected Rooms (#)
  • Room Description > Room
  • Include Attendees In Book > Include Attendees In Schedule       
  • Options > Favorites
  • Details > Selected Rooms (#)

EMS Internal Reference # 25968, 25980, 26272 


Enhance Client Logging

Upgraded the client logging library and changed the location for log files to %appdata%\EMS Software\EMS For Outlook.

EMS Internal Reference # 25914

Support For .NET Framework 4.6.1

Updated release to support this version of .NET.

EMS Internal Reference # 25602

Conflict Resolution

Enhance User Messaging and Alternative Room Selection, Add Drag-and-Drop Functionality, And Add Room Search Filters For Conflict Resolution

When users request a room during the booking process that would create a booking conflict, the updated popup message "The room you selected is not available" presents; if they create a conflict by simply changing the meeting time, the message reads "One or more of your rooms were not available and are in conflict. Refer to your email for next steps." Email notices, furthermore, now read "The following rooms could not be reserved because they are unavailable. You must reserve a new room for each time slot shown below." As users resolve the conflict(s), they will now encounter a new conflict resolutions pop-up window where they can edit an existing reservation, such as  selecting from a list of available rooms and changing date/time changes via drag-and-drop. Additionally, filters now appear on the Resolve Conflicts page so that users can filter rooms search results just as they do when searching for space for a new booking. 

EMS Internal Reference #s: 259662596925999259782606426061


Enhance User Messaging When EMS for Outlook Add-In Cannot Be Loaded

Enhanced user messages that appear when there is a problem loading the add-in as follows:

  1. Your Everyday User account in EMS is inactive. Please contact your EMS Administrator.
  2. Your Everyday User account in EMS is pending. Please contact your EMS Administrator.
  3. You do not have any Outlook Process Templates assigned in EMS. Please contact your EMS Administrator.
  4. Service timed out while validating user, please restart Outlook to enable the EMS for Outlook plug-in.
  5. You do not have a Security Template assigned in EMS. Please contact your EMS Administrator.
  6. You do not have an Everyday User account in EMS. Please contact your EMS Administrator.
  7. Error initializing EMS For Outlook connecting to: http://<url> Please verify the EMS Exchange Integration web service URL.
  8. EMS For Outlook has not been initialized. Any changes made to meetings tied to EMS For Outlook will break the connection to EMS. Check network connectivity, then close and reopen Outlook. If the problem persists, please contact your local help desk.

Enhance User Messaging When Deleting Rooms for Recurrent Events

When users remove rooms from a recurrent meeting, the message "You are about to remove all of your selected rooms. Do you want to continue?" presents. Users can respond by selecting Apply or Cancel. When the recurrence includes meetings in the past, those are greyed out and not available for removal.


Added Parameters

Added the following parameters to support the new release: 
Start Time on Browse for Space
Display Filters Before Showing Rooms
Show Feature Filter
Show Floor Filter
Show Room Type Filter
Location Format

EMS Internal Reference # 25650




Search for Space

Search Results Exceeded 750 Rooms

The list of rooms exceeded 750 rooms, causing performance issues.

Fix: Modified the display to show up to 750 rooms.

EMS Reference # 25941

Unavailable Rooms Listed in Search Results

When users searched for rooms, unavailable rooms incorrectly displayed in the list view.

Fix: Modified the display to exclude rooms when they are not available for requested dates and times. 

EMS Internal Reference # 25847

Room Availability Filter Window Resized Incorrectly

When users opened the Availability Filter window to filter rooms by availability and resized the window, they could not reduce the white area around Facilities and Features. Once they clicked Apply, the size preference did not persist when they re-opened the window.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can resize the area to fit the text, and during a booking workflow, users' resize preferences persist when they re-open the window.

EMS Internal Reference #  17425

Calendar View

Calendar Grid View Absent for Video Conferences, Missing Buildings And Available Rooms

When users booked a meeting using a video conference template, the grid view was empty and if users also filtered by feature, buildings were not listed on the left, and available rooms were not listed in the grid.

Fix: Modified the display to show the Schedule view including buildings and available rooms for video conferences.

EMS Internal Reference # 239021553612740

Viewing Events From Calendar Caused Incorrect Prompt

When users double-clicked on events in the Calendar view and then closed them, the message "What do you want to do with the meeting request" presented incorrectly although they had made no changes to the event. 

Fix: Modified validations so the prompt does not appear unless users change the event.

EMS Internal Reference # 25698

Notifications / Confirmations

Conflict Notifications Sent to Calendar Owner

When users resolved one of multiple booking conflicts for recurring meetings in Outlook, warnings for the remaining conflicts were incorrectly sent to the Calendar Owner rather than to the Meeting Organizer (current user).

Fix: Modified validations so that conflict notification are consistently sent to the Meeting Organizer.

EMS Internal Reference # 18208

Notifications Sent Incorrectly

When users booked an event and left the Event Type field blank, or booked an event that required User Defined Fields, and the user clicked Save/Send after attempting to resolve multiple required field issues, notifications were incorrectly sent to attendees before all required information was complete.

Fix: Modified validations to prevent notification triggers until all required fields are successfully completed and the event has been booked.

EMS Internal Reference #s 1314320811

Re-Opening Saved Notifications Causes Error 

When users saved notification messages to a Windows Explorer location (network or local), and opened the file a second time, an error occurred. 

Fix: Modified functionality so the error no longer occurs and users can open saved message files.

EMS Internal Reference # 18268 


Visitor Attendees Caused Error

When visitors were added to the system using EMS Web App, they displayed in the list of attendees as a date and caused an error when users opened the event in EMS for Outlook.

Fix: Modified functionality so that visitors properly display by their names in EMS for Outlook and the error no longer occurs. 

EMS Internal Reference # 25592


Adding More Services Caused Error

When users added more services to an existing event, the error "column TimeEventStart does not belong to table Table7" occurred.

Fix: Modified validations to allow more services to be added without causing the error.

EMS Internal Reference # 22604

"Show Resource Pricing" Parameter Not Observed

When users added resources to a booking and the "Show Resource Pricing" parameter was set to "Yes" (in the EMS Desktop Client), the pricing did not display in EMS for Outlook. 

Fix: Modified functionality so that resource pricing now displays when this parameter is set to "Yes."

EMS Internal Reference # 25669 

Updating Reservation in Outlook Removed Special Instruction Notes From Services

When users edited the time for a reservation that had special instruction notes for a service and saved their changes, the notes were removed.

Fix: Modified functionality so that the notes are not removed when users edit the reservation in outlook. 

EMS Internal Reference # 23512

New Reservation

Delegate Room Requests Caused Error

When delegate users requested a booking on behalf of another user, the error “Service Unavailable – Owner Of Item invalid, canceling region" occurred and they could not complete the request.

Fix: Modified functionality so that delegates can now request on the behalf of another user and the error no longer occurs.

EMS Internal Reference # 26278

Bookings Over 24 Hours Allowed

When users booked events that violated the rule that events must be 24 hours or less, although they received an error message, they were still able to complete the booking. 

Fix: Modified validations to enforce the rule so users cannot book meeting longer than 24 hours.

EMS Internal Reference # 13130

Booking Rule "Only Allow Bookings Prior to This Date" Prevented Bookings or Not Enforced

When users booked events with a template that had the "Only Allow Bookings Prior to This Date" in force, the parameter was not properly validated and they could not complete bookings although they were in compliance. Additionally, when users booked an event in violation of this rule, they were able to complete the booking and the rule was not enforced.

Fix: Modified validations so that the booking rule allows valid bookings prior to or on the set date, and to enforce the rule when applied to a template and prevent bookings in violation.

EMS Internal Reference #s: 2257823929

Edit Reservation

Canceling One Room Booking In a Recurrence Cancels All Identical Room Bookings

When users edited a recurring reservation and canceled one room booking, all bookings in that reservation that had the same room were also canceled. They also received an incorrect error message stating that attendees were not within minimum and maximum.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can cancel a single room booking within a recurrent reservation and save their changes, and so that the error message no longer appears.

EMS Internal Reference # 26263

Changing Meeting Name or Attendees Changes Status for Meetings Requiring Approval

When users changed the name of a meeting or added attendees to meetings that required approval, the meeting status incorrectly, automatically changed to Requested.

Fix: Modified validations to ensure that meeting status remains unchanged for non-critical edits such as meeting title and attendees.

EMS Internal Reference # 24033

Date Format Did Not Match Local Machine

The date format in the EMS for Outlook plug-in displayed in U.S. format rather than the users' local machine format.

Fix: Modified the display to show dates in the same format as users' local machine.

EMS Internal Reference # 14204

Forwarding Caused Error

When users attempted to forward a meeting using the EMS for Outlook add-in, the error "You will have to save before you forward" presented although they had not edited the event.

Fix: Modified validations to enable users to forward meetings with no error.

EMS Internal Reference # 19004 25698


Favorites Missing From Room Search After Upgrade From V42

When users attempt to search for a room that would break the "Booking Cutoff Time" rule, users are simply not provided a list of rooms.  No error or warning message currently accompanies this result.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users' settings for favorite rooms are observed during upgrade and they do not have to re-set them.

EMS Internal Reference # 23394


User Defined Fields Not Editable or Displayed In Error

When users booked meetings using a template that had user-defined fields, they were unable to edit them. Also, when the "Display to Everyday Users" admin option was not selected, the fields or their child fields still displayed.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users can edit the fields, and so that the "Display to Everyday Users" option is properly enforced and when de-selected, the fields or their child fields no longer display on EMS for Outlook.

EMS Internal Reference # 186762585625849

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